IFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa’s Fit and Fab Lifestyle #8


Vanessa Blue bikini 2IFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa’s Fit and Fab Lifestyle #8

What a week! I am pretty sure my husband and I spent way too much time driving, but it was all worth it because we were able to go to Comic-con! Whaaaaaaaa….. We had never been to Comic-Con so my husband and I decided this was the year we should go. Yes, I know what you are all thinking. Haha It was like a nerd-fest, but it was soooomuch fun.

I woke up around 2am because I couldn’t sleep and we started driving down to San Diego at 4am (long day). I wanted to get all dressed up but it was pouring rain. ;( So I settled for a StarWars t-shirt "judge me by my style, do you?" So many people did dress up. haha It was like Halloween in July ;)

I felt like a kid again. There were so many booths with so so so many displays. They even give out these HUGE gift bags, they were so big I could actually climb in to them. lol. They had all of the things that I had when I was a kid. They had He-Man and She-Ra, a 16 foot Transformer, full scale Lego people, All of the Iron Man Suites from of the films, life-size My Little Ponys, the new Total Recall car… you name it and it was there. Even the actors from the movies like Resident Evil and Iron Man. Yep, Robert Downey Jr. was there. Kevin Bacondid interviews. Even Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger were also there talking on The Expendables panel, but I didn’t get to see them. Boo ;( Well I guess there is always next year or I will just have to apply for the Arnold Invitational ;)

I do have to say that place is huge almost the size of LAX and it wascompletely packed shoulder to shoulder. We even left a little early to beat the traffic and people were still filing in the door to the EXPO area. Crazy!I even saw a De Lorian in the parking lot when we were leaving.Lol. Oh it was so much fun.

After we left Comic-Con and since we were in the area we decided to go to Disneyland as well. We rode Space Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and of course Star Tours. I think all movie theaters should be made like Star Tours. I love the fact that it is an experience. Your chair moves with the screen and you feel like you are really there. Love-IT!

The next morning after we gvanessa by rocksot back from our trip my fellow Teammate and friend IFBB Pro MaryJo (MJ) Cook text me as I was getting ready for work to let me know I was in the new August Muscle and Fitness Mag!!! Woohoo!!! BONUS!!! I love when positive unexpected things happen. J It really makes my day! Thanks M&F! :D

Until next week, Live Life FABULOUSLY! 

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