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IFBB PRO Essence Monet Rising Above and Onto the Pro Stage

381116 628792448407 1112936956 nIFBB PRO Essence Monet Rising Above and Onto the Pro Stage
WOW!!! What a crazy few weeks since the end of my first Pro show in Dallas…  I am very pleased at getting 4th place and look forward to stepping on stage again. The critique was simple “NEED TIGHTER GLUTES AND LEGS.”  Tell me something I didn’t already know.  I am in the process of prepping for my next show before the end of the year, Kentucky Pro and then Miami. I might do both or I might just do one. I like to take my time with things but I also have to remember to “Strike while the Iron is Hot.” 


Canuck Corner-Installment #12

TOC front1Canuck Corner-Installment #12

Hi Everyone!

Well friends I have to say that I am so hugely excited for this year's 2012 Figure Olympia! The Olympia Qualification Point System added a whole new aspect to 'nerves' when it came down to this past weekend's last Figure shows. Nerves in that even after a 2nd place finish in Chicago , a 4th at Border States , and a 5th at Toronto Pro, I could have been edged out of my Top 5 standing spot by some tough competition, as there was a 3 way tie for 4th!


IFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa’s Fit and Fabulous Lifestyle Blog #14

IFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa’s Fit and Fabulous Lifestyle Blog #14

Blog 14 Flowers

What a great Labor Day Weekend :D

My husband and I finally had the same day off last week thanks to Labor Day. Woowhoo! It is rare to have a whole day where both of us are able to go and do something. We are always so busy with work, training, cooking, but as you all know that is all part of the healthy lifestyle.


Apprime Fit by Michelle Blank Blog #8

PittApprime Fit by Michelle Blank Blog #8

"Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."~ Unknown

There are friends and then there are true friends.With your true friends you find yourself wanting to be part of the special moments in their life, be it a wedding, graduation, or earning their IFBB Pro Card. This past weekend I got to do just that.


IFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa’s Fit and Fab Blog #13

blog 13-Beach2IFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa’s Fit and Fab Blog #13

I hope everyone had a great week!

As for me, I was able to go camping for a little bit in Malibu last weekend. My husband, Conrad, is Chumash (Native American) who are indigenous to the central coast of California. We were invited to stay at Nicholas Canyon County Beach Park, where they have reconstructed a Chumash Village. Its location was so beautiful and was right on the beach (2 min walk to the shore). It was amazing and very educational.


Canuck Corner-Installment #11

195632 (2)Canuck Corner-Installment #11

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down happy. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.


T-N-T(Trish Wood n Training) Journal 7 -It’s All A Balancing Act!

off season aug 2T-N-T(Trish Wood n Training) Journal 7 -It’s All A Balancing Act!

We all have good days and bad days. This growth season has had its share of both for me. I've experienced really bad times where I just want to sit alone crying and then I've had those days where I feel like myself again. Part of me thinks that it's hormones, but part of it is also the turmoil some competitors feel when they've finished their season. I tried to explain these feelings to my husband with little success. I explained to him that I was feeling a bit lost right now and that I wasn't sure how to live a "normal life."


IFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa’s Fit and Fab Lifestyle-Blog #12

Blog LuluIFBB Bikini Pro Vanessa’s Fit and Fab Lifestyle-Blog #12

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a great week :D

As for me this week has been AWESOME!! I am back in the swing of my training, since I took some time off, and my body is responding nicely. I love noticing the changes I make in my body once I start back on my competition mode. It is so empowering. I am currently building up my shoulders, lats, and glutes. The workouts are so good I almost feel like the “tin-man” the next day. Lol. I’m still waiting to see more change in my glutes, but to build up that muscle may take a little more time. Squat rack here I come ;)


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