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Spotlight On NPC Figure Competitor: Melissa Transou

DSC 0498 JVFAAVFOAVSpotlight On NPC Figure Competitor: Melissa Transou

Category you compete in: Figure
Date of birth: 8/23/1965
Hometown: Lighthouse Point, Florida
Career: Blogger

What made you begin dedicating your lifestyle to this sport?
I have always been active, but I was also skinny fat. I did a lot of cardio.  I would look at women in weight training magazines and always think I wish I could look like them.  I just didn’t think it was possible.  My husband told me it was possible but I just didn’t think so.  After 22 years of not listening to him I decided to do everything he told me and just give it a try.  I changed from 103 lbs. 16% bodyfat to 122 lbs. and 10% bodyfat in only a year.  I now have shape to my muscles; I’m leaner and feel more confident then ever about my shape.  I’ve now competed in several competitions and I’m also sponsored by Vitacost.com and write a weekly blog for them and do product reviews.  If only I hadn’t waited so long to listen to my husband!!

What approach do you take to dieting...carb cycle..keto?
I eat a clean diet.  Healthy proteins, carbs and fats everyday, with a cheat meal once a week.  The only time I really lower my carbs is in contest prep.  I have found I’m carb sensitive so even during contest time I can’t go too low on carbs or I lose too much muscle.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about competing?
I think the misconception is how hard we work to compete.  So many people think just because you go to the gym you can step on stage.  There is so much more to competing then just training, especially if you want to win, they have no idea!!

What is the biggest lesson you have learned about YOURSELF during your contest prep?
That I am stronger then I think, physically and emotionally.  Contest prep is tough and you sometimes question everything you’re doing, but you just have to stick it out.

Who do you look up and admire and why?
I look up to myMelissa 180x210 husband.  We’ve been married 25 years and we are truly partners together in everything.  He put on hold competing himself this past year just to help me achieve my goal of competing in the Masters Nationals.  He always puts his family first.

Competition history: 

2nd place -2012 Masters Nationals- Figure Class C Over 45
4th place- 2011 Southern States- Open Figure Class B
3rd place-2011 Southern States -Masters Figure over 45 class B
1st place-2011 Gold Coast Classic -Open Figure Short Class
1st place -2011 Gold Coast Classic -Figure Masters Overall
1st place-2011 Gold Coast Classic- Figure Masters Over 40
Next competition:  Training for the Junior Nationals Master Division Figure 2013

Favorite Motivational Quote: I don’t know if this is considered motivational but I like it. "Skinny girls look good in clothes, but fit girls look good naked!!"

Who would you like to thank?
I would love to thank my husband for all the time, heart, and energy he puts into my training and me!!!

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