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Spotlight On NPC Womens Physique Competitor: Tonya Shull

DER 5602 (2)Spotlight On NPC Womens Physique Competitor: Tonya Shull

Category you compete in: Womens Physique
Date of birth: May 20,1970
Hometown: Salisbury,NC
Career: Esthetician/Spa Manager/Personal Trainer

What is your favorite childhood memory?
100% Tomboy. Enjoyed riding motorcycles and building tree houses with my brothers.

Name a song that motivates you.
I have a lot of songs that motivate me. At the moment it would be “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor.

What is your biggest gym pet peeve?
When people just hang around on a piece of gym equipment or machine that I need. I only have a small window to workout most days. I like to get in and get out and get on with my busy day!  The gym isn’t my social place.

How do you like to reward yourself?
In the off season it would be a Mexican restaurant with a frozen margarita!  Competition season I reward myself with sushi!

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
I think there should be a bigger campaign for healthier lifestyles verses so many advertisements for convenience.  For example, limit the production of garbage foods and promote healthier diets. 

What do you do right before you step onstage?
I like to meet new people. You will find me backstage (right or wrong) introducing myself to fellow competitors and exchanging contact information… eating rice cakes and honey…pump up just a little with some bands…then say a prayer!

Nook, Book or Kindle?
Book. I'm old school hands on!

Competition history:
2012 NPC Nationals 7th Place A Class Womens Physique
2012 IFBB North Americans 2nd Place Open A Class Womens Physique, 2nd Place Masters A Class Womens Physiqe
20TonyaAtlantaTri12 NPC Masters Nationals 4th  Place 35+ A Class Womens Physique.
2012 Victory Classic 1st Place A Class and Overall Womens Physique. Overall Masters Class Womens Physique.
2009 NPC Metrolina 3rd Place Masters A Class Figure/4th Place Open Womens Figure (They all said I over prepared and was to over conditioned for figure). I got discouraged and then Womens Physique came along and I found a fit for me. Im not big enough for womens bodybuilding.

Next competition:2013 Team Universe Womens Physique! Then possibly Masters Nationals then possibly IFBB North Americans again.

If someone followed you for the day what would they be most surprised about?
I don’t want incriminate myself LOL! Lets say they see me run through McDonalds or Krispy Crème on occasion.
What is your preferred tanning product and why?
Jan Tana tanning products for competition. Sun FX products when not competing. For tanning bed purposes I try different products all the time.

Favorite Quote: “Judge Yourself By What you Had To Give Up In Order To Achieve It” – Dalai Lama

Who would you like to thank?
My boyfriend/trainer/nutrition guru  Boyd Fields for pushing me when I wanted to quit. Giving up his time to train and supporting me daily, doing my meal plans, and introducing me to the right people. I've noticed a lot of men won't support their wives or girlfriends though a precontest regimen. Quincy Roberts for his professional posing, coaching and insight on the sport!


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