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Spotlight On NPC Figure Competitor: Keianna Henry

Spotlight On NPC Figure Competitor: Keianna Henry
Category you coJNF 20120603  NF 6156-Editmpete in: Figure
Date of birth: March 7, 1985
Hometown: Burtonsville, MD
Career: Teacher/School Counselor
What is your favorite childhood memory?
I was a dancer starting at age 4, so I loved getting dressed up and ready for my dance recitals. Putting on my costume, my mom doing my hair and make up, getting all made up to perform. As a little girl this was the one time I got to put on make up and wear it outside of the house!
Name a song that motivates you.
Jay Z featuring Rihanna “Run This Town” 
That song just gets me pumped up and ready to take on anything that comes my way!
What is your biggest gym pet peeve?
My biggest gym pet peeve is, people just sitting and talking on equipment. I love being in the gym, but I’m there to work, not to socialize. I feel like I get through three exercises, five reps a piece, and they are still sitting in the same place talking! Go sit on a park bench if you want to talk, cause your in the way of a chic who’s trying to DO WORK! HAHAHA!
How do you like to reward yourself?
I reward myself with clothes. I love buying new workout outfits and shoes. I am always matching in the gym, but I do not put make up on before a workout!  My favorite brand is Under Armor, mainly because I love to represent anything from Maryland. 
If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
I would make teaching the highest paying profession. Not just because I am a teacher, but we are responsible for teaching and educating everyone. If people don’t learn basic math and reading skills, they can’t be successful. The president could not be president if he didn’t pass 4th grade! I think we need to give teachers a lot more respect and compensation for what they do for the world.
What do you do right before you step onstage?
Look in the mirror 1000 times! Just joking, probably only 10. I joke around a lot with my teammates. I like making them laugh because I know a lot of them are nervous.  I think laughing is a great way to alleviate some of the stress we may feel before stepping on stage. I am also barefoot until the very last minute, because those shoes were NOT built for comfort, I’ll tell you that! I don’t really get nervous. All the work is done, now it’s time to have fun. Stepping on stage is the best part; you get to show the world what you’ve been sweating, pushing, and dieting for! 
Nook, Book or Kindle?
Book, I don’t have one of those reading thingy’s. I like turning pages, getting paper cuts, and using a bookmark! Plus you don’t have to turn it off while the plane is getting ready to take off or land!
Competition history: 
OCB Body Sculpting Open 2012 Figure Novice Tall 1st 
OCB Eastern Regional 2012 Open Figure 7th
NPC Maryland State and East Coast Classic Open Figure 4th (Maryland) 5th (East Coast)
NPC Shawn Ray Grand Prix 2012 Open Figure 1st 
Next competition:
May 4th Pittsburg Championship
If someone followed you for the day what would they be most surprised about?
People would be surprised to see me as an elementary school teacher.2012-07-28 fitness kieanna Brian-Schneider 16 Most people know Keianna very well! I’m very energetic, I play around a lot, and I just don’t seem like a typical elementary school teacher. But then there is Ms. Henry, still energetic, comical, but my students are on point. They know I’m tons of fun, as long as rules are followed, but the minute they forget the rules I don’t play. I am referred to as the teacher with muscles. Which has changed some of the more difficult children’s behavior, once they see my arms in a short-sleeved shirt. I think my interaction with my students would really surprise people. 
What is your preferred tanning product and why?
JANTANA!! I just like how easy it is to use on your own. The color works perfectly with my natural skin tone. I also love how it comes out as a mousse. 
Favorite Quote: 
“ I may not be the strongest. I may not be the fastest. But I’ll be damned if I’m not trying my hardest”
“ The worst thing I could be is likes everyone else. I’d hate that” –Arnold Schwarzenegger
Who would you like to thank?
My Parents Ralph and Sandra Henry, they’ve always told me I could do anything and be anything. When I wanted to be the first woman MLB player, they signed me up for little league. They believe in me no matter how far fetched my goals seem.
My Coach, IFBB Pro JanetLynn West, Thank you for taking me under your wing as your first Granite Girl! I remember when I asked her to coach me, she said “Of Course” with no hesitations, and only knew me for two hours. I’ve enjoyed taking this journey with you Momma Granite!

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