Spotlight On IFBB Womans Physique Competitor: Rita Rae

hartford 2Spotlight On IFBB Womans Physique Competitor: Rita Rae
Category you compete in:  Bodybuilding and physique. Transferred to physique in 2012 and competed at the Desert Muscle in AZ, which was the first show of the divisions’ existence. Currently 11 days away from the Titan Grand Prix, this ironically is the last show of the year.
Date of birth: 11/8/66…one of the oldest
Hometown: Las Cruces, NM
Career: Sales mostly….in the process of opening a supplement store in my hometown where there are few well rounded stores or knowledgeable people. The opening of Desert Muscle Supply will be December 2012. I am also planning my first NPC show in 2013, the Rita Rae Classic.
Competition history: Really? How about I give you the reader’s digest version of this? Started in 1991 in California where I competed 5 straight years. While I lived in St. Paul, MN 1998-2005. I qualified for a national show; I proceeded to train for my first national show in 2001, Jr. Nationals in Chicago. I wasn’t happy with the results, but it was an eye opener. With ladies like Heather Policky (Armbrust) competing at the same show, I realized I had work to do and a lot to learn. So I went back to the drawing board and stepped back on stage in 2007 in Colorado where I qualified for Nationals again. 2008 I competed in the USA’s and won my class in bodybuilding as a lightweight, then continued to Nationals in Atlanta. It was there that I won my class again and earned my pro card. To this day it seems very surreal. I am the only women in the history of female bodybuilding to have won her class in both those shows and be over 40 years of age. 
Since being an IFBB athlete I have had the pleasure of competing in the following: 
Atlantic City Pro 2009
Hartford Pro 2010
Desert Muscle 2012
Next competition: Titan Grand Prix in Culver City CA. I will be competing in physique and have taken time to refine my physique from the Desert Muscle, approx. 8 months have passed that I have been watching the winners and assessing my own progress. I am much happier with my look this time. 
In your opinion, how important is motivation and confidence when aiming to accomplish a goal?
It is truly one of the most important facets of this sport. Without motivation there is no drive, no hunger to be better. Confidence comes in time. Like anything we do, if you continue to improve and continue to challenge yourself, the confidence will get there. 
In your eyes, what combination of hard work and natural ability is needed to reach the top?
A person in this sport must have disciplined work ethics and must be willing to do the work to reach their ultimate goal. It isn’t an easy sport, if it was there would be more of us. 
What are some motivatNational 2008 001ional strategies that have or currently work for you?
My motivation comes from the desire to be a good role model in the sport. I have always strived to keep a feminine look and keep bodybuilding in a good light. Although I compete in physique I will always have the heart of a bodybuilder, there are some things you can not change…. :)
Give me some examples from your life where confidence has helped you to achieve?
Mostly job interviews, dating and speaking in public.
What do you find the most challenging about competing?
I miss my family and being “normal” I am the kind of person that isolates herself the last 6 weeks.
What are your top 5 key strategies for success?
Keeping God first
Stay close to your family, friends and enemies
Continually educate yourself. 
Be prepared to win or lose
Lastly, never give up on yourself, your dreams or your future.
What is your favorite protein powder? Why do you like it?
I don’t have a favorite protein powder; however my favorite protein is STEAK! Steak does the body good :)
Favorite Inspirational Quote: 
What would you accomplish if you knew you could not fail.
In closing, Who would you like to give a shout out to?
The glory goes to God always. Everything that I have ever been through, all the bad and the good has brought me to this very moment in my life. I am blessed to have had the strength to get through my past and blessed to have a future that I look forward to watching it unfold.
My family is my foundation in support. My sister is my best friend and my brothers have always been a positive force in my life.
My parents gave me everything I ever needed to become the person I am today. God definitely knew what kind of parents I needed. I miss my momma though. She died August 2011 and my life has forever been changed. I think of her every day.
BIG Shout out to My friends!!! All of them near or far, Facebook or twitter, I have some great people around me.
My coaches through the years: Dave, Rosemary, Alex Dylan, Heather and Christina all made a great impact on my life.
Last but not least, the awesome boyfriend I thought I’d never have. Robert is the one guy that has not only stolen my heart but has brought a certain peace into my life that I have never known before. He is the missing puzzle piece that completes my life. (Finally) I am grateful for everyday I am with him. 

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