Spotlight On: IFBB Bikini Pro Yeshaira Robles

Spotlight On: IFBB Bikini Pro Yeshaira Robles

Category you compete in: IFBB Bikiniphoto

Date of birth: December 29

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Career: Hotel industry

Competition history:

2012- IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Championships - placed 3rd

2011- IFBB Miami Pro- placed 6th

2011- Team Universe- placed 1st (earned pro card)

2011- Jr. Nationals- placed 5th

2011- Atlantic States - placed 3rd

2010- Nationals- placed 4th

2010- Easterns- placed 3rd

2010- Atlantic States- placed 5th

2010- Metropolitan- placed 4th

Next competition:

NY Pro May 19th

In your opinion, how important is motivation and confidence when aiming to accomplish a goal?  I think it is very important. To achieve your goal 100% you have to be determined to do so. Motivation and confidence are key elements. If your lacking in those departments it will definitely show in your results.

In your eyes, what combination of hard work and natural ability is needed to reach the top?  A clean diet, hard training and knowing what I want. I know I want the prize so I will do what it takes to get it.

What are some motivational strategies that have or currently work for you? My family, baby girl Lila and better half Marco Rivera. He as a bodybuilder also knows the highs and lows of the competition. He keeps me strong as well as my Bombshell team. I also like to compare my placings to see what i need to work more on and set my mind on makinphoto2g it better.

Give me some examples from your life where confidence has helped you to achieve?  I would say my personality. I am very personable, loving and care free. I bring it with me on stage.

What do you find the most challenging about competing? Most challenging would be dieting. I have my favorite indulges and when I'm around those who aren't dieting it does become challenging. However I also make sure I always have my meals on me so a full stomach helps.

What are your top 5 key strategies for success?




*Love for the sport

*Always staying Positive

What is your favorite protein powder? Why do you like it? MHP Isofast 50 (chocolate) because I can have it either first thing in the morning or post workout when I need a fast absorption to feed my muscles quickly! It also taste sooooo good with just water =)

Favorite Inspirational Quote:

 Believe you can and you're halfway there.

In closing, Who would you like to give a shout out to?

To my better half Marco Rivera for all his support and always pushing me to do better.. My Coaches Shannon Dey and Rob Rosetti and my Team Bombshell teammates for always believing in me.. My Family, My Whotel Family,  My friends, My fans for always being so supportive.. My sponsors MHP aphoto4nd NXT Sports Nutrition.. And thank you RX Girl for allowing me to share this with you!! =)

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