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Spotlight On: Kira Neuman

rxmuscle5JCategory You Compete In:

Bodybuilding-I’ve been a middleweight and I’ve been a light-heavyweight but I think I will be going back to middle this year.

Date of Birth:

Septemeber 3rd, 1981


Greenwood, Indiana


Certified personal trainer and retired special ed teacher!!!!! Hahahahahaha just taking a break
from it!

Sports Background:

I was a gymnast for 10 years then I got into basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, and I have always been an avid swimmer since I was about 5 years old. And with three brothers I got into backyard football baby!

Why the NPC?:

That’s where the biggest and the best compete and I wanted to be a part of that! The girls in
that organization challenge me to better myself! I admire all the competitors who are part
of the NPC and IFBB. I knew that’s where I needed to be if I wanted to go anywhere with the sport.

What do you like best about competing?:

I love watching my body change from week to week. I love the discipline and dedication I
have to put into the sport to be successful. I love the people who are part of the sport and the camaraderie that we all have with each other.

rxmuscle4JCompetition History:

2006-NPC Northern Kentucky Figure-class B 7th place

2007-NPC Indianapolis Bodybuilding Championships-1st and overall middleweight

2007-NPC Indiana State Bodybuilding Championships-1st place middleweight

2007-NPC Collegiate Nationals-1st and overall middleweight

2008-NPC Jr. Nationals-2nd place middleweight

2009-NPC USA’s-6th place light-heavyweight

2009-NPC Nationals-12th place light-heavyweight

Competitors you look up to:

OH my gosh I look up to each and every competitor, man or woman. It takes a lot to compete. You have to dedicate your life to eat. You eat, sleep, breath, and live this sport and I admire all those who decide to do it.

Next Competition:

2010 NPC Erik Frankhouser West Virginia State/Grand Prix which is November 20th.

rxmuscle1JFavorite Cheat Food:

Mexican food, pizza, and ice cream!

Favorite Diet Food:


Favorite Body Part to Train:

Shoulders for sure!

Least Favorite:

I dread training legs because it really takes a toll on me! Especially when I am dieting!


When I have time I love spending time with my dogs and my girlfriend! And usually other than that I am sleeping and cooking! I love finding new healthy recipes and trying them out!



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