Meet Libby Westphal: Two-Year Transformation

Meet Libby Westphal: Two-Year Transformation

Libby Westphal is mother to Libby Beforea 7-year-old boy, wife, military veteran and an ovarian cancer survivor since 2004. She’s had nearly 10 surgeries and 3 months of grueling chemotherapy.  The chemo left her weak, battling side effects and severe joint problems which ultimately lead to knee surgery and being overweight. She topped out at 204 lbs. on a 5’11” frame.

Westphal hated the way she looked in pictures, her closet had too many sizes and climbing a flight of stairs felt like she was climbing Mount St. Helens. It was time to ditch excuses for why she couldn’t work out and why she couldn’t eat healthy – it was time for a lifestyle change!

She refused to diet per se since they had not worked for her in the past.  So instead she researched and came up with a new eating “plan” that she could live with. Westphal removed processed foods, refined sugar, limited alcohol to the weekend and started to exercise and began to lose weight.

After a steady 2-year body transformation, which included weight training, HIIT and setting goals for races ranging from 5Ks to a half marathon, she competed in her very first fitness show, the 2013 NPC MET-Rx Maryland State/East Coast Classic Championships in June 2013.  She placed 6th in 35+ Masters Class C and 9th Overall in the Bikini Class C.  

Although she didn’t win a trophy, she saw her reward in improved health, the ultimate loss of 68lbs.and a bodyweight of 136 lbs. and what she describes as “the blessing of being able to get in competition shape to compete.”

Although the picture of perfect health today, things have not always been easy for her. That’s okay. This 45-year-old dynamo is clearly a fighter.  Westphal says, “I have good days and bad days, but in them all I have learned that consistency 954725 10201480469638475 863443302 nand working toward goals have been the two factors that have gotten me into the best shape of my life. It has been a long hard road, but one that I travelled one day and one goal at a time.”

Westphal can add NPC competitor and marathoner to her titles of mom, veteran and cancer survivor. It’s no wonder she states, “Life is good.”

Currently, this Independent Marketing Consultant moderates a Staying Focused - Fitness, Weight, Encouragement group on Facebook, she’s in the process of getting her NASM CPT, is training for the Leesburg 20K and the Diva Half Marathon and plans to compete in her second NPC show in March of 2014.  When asked what motivates her, Westphal exclaims, “Goals!”


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