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December Lowerbody Blast

December Lowerbody Blast.....Just in time for the holidays!


Hi RxGirl Family,

With the holidays rapidly approaching, shopping, parties and get togethers on the calendar, you may be finding it a little hard or stressful getting your workouts in.  Well, I have a “Taylor Made Lowerbody Blast” workout for you that you can do at home, park or at the gym with minimal weights with great results.  

Depending of your level of fitness this Lowerbody Blast should take 30:00+ maximum and can be done 2 -3 times a week.  After completing your circuit make sure you stretch all muscles properly, stay hydrated and follow up with a small meal consisting of protein and carbs to replenish your body.

Warm Up: 5 – 7 minutes before beginning
100 – Front Squats

Front Squats 









 90 – Reverse Lunges

reverse lunes 









 80 – Mountain Climbers

70 – Plie Squats

60 – Dead Lifts

Straight Legged Deadlifts 









  50 – Side Lunges

 40 – Bridge Lifts

 30 – Jump Squats

workouts365.com jump squats 












20 – Calf Raises

10 – Burpees










   Cool down and stretch!  

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderfully Blessed and Fit New Year!

Fitfully yours,

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, B.S. Holistic Nutrition, ACE, AFAA, FITOUR, Owner of Taylor Made Fitness in Ocean Beach/San Diego, CA. Lisa’s a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Lifestyle Weight Management Consultant, Fitness Practitioner, CE Provider and Certification Presenter. Offering Personal Training Online, Gym, Outdoors & Nutrition programs.  619.987.9691 cell/text * [email protected] * www.Taylormadefitness.us



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