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SinOrSlim's Recipe of The Week: Low Carb White Chocolate Mousse

Low Carb White Chocolate Mousse

 IMG 7433

Hey guys! This recipe is for all you vanilla and white chocolate lovers out there! It can also be made into a strawberry mousse by adding sugar free strawberry syrup. This recipe is my favorite so far! It’s sweet, creamy, delicious and best of all relatively quick to make! (In honor of the season premiere of Dexter last night I decided to create a “blood splatter” look with the sugar free strawberry syrup for decoration!)


Ingredients for Low Carb Chocolate Mousse:

4 oz. whipped cream cheese

1/4 Cup Half and Half

6 oz. Can Diet Cream Soda (1/2 the can)

4 Packets of Splenda

1/2 Package Sugar Free White Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix

 IMG 7544


1. Soften and whip cream cheese

2. Add half and half and whip well

3. Add cream soda, splenda and pudding mix and whip until well blended

IMG 6535

4. Pour into cute bowls or martini glasses and serve!

IMG 7433

5. For the strawberry variation of this recipe mix 2 Tbsps of sugar free strawberry syrup into the mix.

IMG 6618

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