Meet the Editor-in-Chief of Rx Girl

contact-photoGail Auerbach, also known as
The Prodigy
on the Rx Muscle Forums which was her nickname in high school after many realized that she was truly was the most “highly functioning lunatic” they had ever met. School was always a struggle for Gail, which ultimately lead her to the stage and bodybuilding. Having been diagnosed with disabilities at a young age made academics and behavior hard for her to conquer. After high school, Gail went to Northern Illinois University on a track and cross country scholarship, played rugby and joined a sorority. After falling in love with lifting, she decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition called Greek Physique. Once Gail stepped on stage, she fell in love with it and competed for the next four years. Having to maintain grades to compete made her focus even harder. Gail soon found the gym to be her outlet to defuse, de-stress and have the reflection time she needed.

After graduating with her B.A in Elementary Education, she immediately got a job teaching first grade. Later, Gail switched to kindergarten for five years and is currently back teaching first grade again, this time with a group of special education students. Gail went back to school to obtain her Master’s Degree in Administration, which allowed her to run the summer school program in her district for four years. Along the way Gail found that her true love was teaching the children she understood best, the children with special needs. Thus, Gail began pursuing her Ph.D. in Special Education. She finished her Ph.D. in December and has enjoy spending her days doing what she loves the most, teaching. Gail has always had a special bond and relationship with her students.

Gail put her love of bodybuilding on hold for a while to get her career in place. Along the way she kept up with the industry and stayed in the gym lifting. In 2007, She competed in a local NPC show in Illinois called the Midwest Ironman and this started her current journey of competing. Gail recently commented on her new position as Editor-in-Chief of Rx Girl: “Working with the crew from RX Muscle is truly a fairy tale to me. The people in this industry are like family and I am forever grateful for all the lessons they have taught me as well as the person they have helped me to become.”


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