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EXCLUSIVE! Who Really Helped Kai Greene Achieve His Best Olympia Shape?

Who's really the brain behind getting Kai Greene in his best Mr Olympia shape to date? It's a very strange and unusual question to ask since most people would assume, unequivocally, the answer to be, diet coach George Farah. And it's probably a good bet that Farah assumes the same. After all, he's been singing his own praises for helping "The Predator" ever since the final placings were announced Saturday September 29th at the Orleans Arena where Greene landed in the runners-up spot. But the true answer to this question is just as intriguing as some of Kai's most memorable posing routines.

According to Farah, Kai achieved his best Olympia shape to date following Farah's typical high-carb, low -cardio, regimen. However, these next few paragraphs will reveal that nothing can be further from the truth.

Inside sources have revealed that Kai Greene's true Olympia diet advisor was not Farah; it was holistic nutrition expert and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Ron Noreman. That's ronkaivictorBstright, Ron the Accountant that helps innumerable IFBB Pro bodybuilders stay out of trouble with the IRS. It's also a fairly well-known fact that Noreman, a lifelong bodybuilder with innumerable local and regional titles to his credit, has been acting as Kai's business manager for the last several years. Likewise, Noreman's incessant thirst for nutrition and supplement knowledge has made him somewhat of an expert with regard to physique manipulation. So when Greene expressed his concern over that fact that he didn't think his extremely carb-sensitive body would be able to get into the kind of shape necessary to win the Mr Olympia following Farah's high carb/low cardio recommendations, Noreman offered up his assistance. Greene, eager to overcome the "Olympia jinx" he's been victim to his last 2 outings, decided that low carbs, higher fat, was the way to go. In fact, Kai's body thrived on this regimen; and, combined with several hours of moderate intensity cardio every day, enabled him to achieve his best Olympia conditioning to date.

In all fairness to Farah it's not his fault that Greene was keeping him in the proverbial "dark" the entire Olympia prep; however, the question remains, will Kai Greene continue to champion this more spartan contest prep in favor of keeping his bodyweight lower and his aesthetics more pleasing? Only Kai can answer that; but, suffice it to say, Kai was only a split hair away from dethroning the reigning Mr Olympia and achieving his childhood dream of becoming the greatest bodybuilding on the planet! Now that's a compelling argument.

For more details on this breaking news story, be sure to check out Ron Noreman's EXCLUSIVE interview on Heavy Muscle Radio Monday October 14, 2012.

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