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Full Blown Predictions With JM Manion At The 2016 Meet The Olympians Event!


JM Manion, the NPC's head man, checked in with RXMuscle at the annual 'Meet the Olympians' event held at the Orleans Arena. JM, not one to hold back on analysis and his opinions, gives us BRUTALLY honest predictions of what he sees going down this weekend at the Mr. Olympia Weekend.

Will there be a "changing of the guard" at the top of the bikini division? What does JM think of the fast-rising Arash Rahbar in the Classic Physique's inaugural run? Will Phil Heath make it six Sandows in a row?

Manion, no stranger to RXMuscle programming, has been a guest on Iron Debate, where he's laid his brand of cold hard honesty on IFBB Pros and competitions. See what he has to say about this weekend's Olympia showdown, only on RXMuscle.com.

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