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Kevin Levrone At The 2016 Meet The Olympians Event!

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Kevin Levrone grants RXMuscle a rare interview, at the 2016 Meet the Olympians, on the eve of the 2016 Mr. Olympia Weekend.

Levrone, making his return to the Olympia stage for the first time in 13 years, has - undoubtedly - been the biggest story of this buildup to the 2016 Olympia and has added an irreplaceable layer to arguably the deepest line-up in the bodybuilding class in recent history.

Levrone already spiced things up earlier in the day, engaging in an impromptu posedown with Cedric McMillan (later to be joined by Josh Lenartowicz) at the Olympia press conference; looking to prove that bodybuilders of his - 90's - era were always ready to throw down and show what they have under their warm-up jacket.

Watch Levrone open up about his comeback, what he had to overcome to make it back to the Olympia stage, and what the experience of being back at the Olympia has been like for the 90's legend.

It's Kevin Levrone with Dave Palumbo at the 2016 Meet the Olympians, only on RXMuscle.com.

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