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Olympia Press Conference Wrap-Up Video w/Dave, Chris & Dennis James (Powered by Scitec Nutrition)

olympia 2016 press conference posedown

The fans got what they wanted, and more, as Kevin Levrone and Cedric McMillan engaged in an impromptu posedown (later joined in by Josh Lenartowicz) at the 2016 Olympia press conference.
What started with most competitors expressing their excitement sharing the stage with Kevin Levrone, 5 x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, and arguably the deepest Olympia lineup in recent history; evolved into discussion about a comparison between the 90's bodybuilders vs today, the role (positive and negative) of social media in today's bodybuilding landscape, and eventually challenges being issued to give the audience a preview of what's to come Friday night.
See Dexter Jackson offer an emphatic guarantee, Phil Heath talk about challenging himself, and Kevin Levrone sharing his story of returning to the Olympia stage after 13 years.


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