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IAN'S DINER, Eat Clean & Live Lean: Tad The Diet Coach Discusses Protein Sources

Join MP2013TheDinerTad2us in Ian's Diner as Tad the Diet Coach discusses protein sources.  Beef, fish, poultry, eggs, powders...you name it!  Food sources versus powders, see what the expert has to say.


IAN'S DINER, Eat Clean & Live Lean: Tad The Diet Coach Discusses Macros

WelcomeMP2013TheDinerTad1 to "Ian's Diner" where we Eat Clean & Live Lean.  In this episode, Tad the Diet Coach explains "macros" and their importance when it comes to you building your best physique ever.


IFBB Pro Ian Lauer CSCS Shoulder Shredder

Join MP2013IanLauerShoulders2Ian Lauer CSCS as he takes you through his latest shoulder routine.  This one is guaranteed to help you build well rounded shoulders that are a prerequisite for winning on the Men's Physique stage.



Upper Chest Blast with IFBB Pro Ian Lauer CSCS


Join MP2013IanLauerChest2IFBB Pro Ian Lauer CSCS as he hammers the upper chest.  You know how important chest development is, especially upper chest in the Men's Physique division.  Watch as the Editor-in-Chief of MensPhysique.com shows you how he builds his pro level chest from the top down.


Brandan Fokken Bashes Arms




Do you want a better bicep peak or a more pronounced triceps horseshoe?  Watch as P28 Athlete Brandan Fokken bashes his biceps and triceps.  In this video, he shares his secrets for developing great arms!


Shredded Pecs with Ian Lauer IFBB Pro


Join MPIanLauerChest1Ian Lauer CSCS as he demolishes his Pecs.  With this and similar workouts, he built a chest worthy of IFBB Pro status.  If you're looking to take your chest to a new level, this workout is for you.  The early emphasis in this routine is on the upper chest and it finishes off with a great pump through the entire chest!


Shoulders with Matt Christianer IFBB Pro


I MP2013MattChristianerShoulders1rolled up into B.A.C. today with my good friend Ian Lauer for some mid-day shoulder action. After warming up my shoulders and rotators it was on to the first exercise. The first exercise happened to be a shoulder press on the leg press machine. After that, I headed over to do some behind the head military presses on the Smith machine. I followed that up with some standing barbell laterals, one side at a time. I then did some front raises with the rope attachment for my anterior delts. I finished it off with bent over cables to focus on my rear delts. As most of you know I am not big on counting reps and sets, but I ended up between 3-5 sets per exercise and anywhere from 8-12 reps.


Biomechanics with Bobby Ashhurst: Barbell Curl


A greatMPBiomechanicsBobbyAshhurstBarbellCurl set of arms is in a large part due to solid biceps.  It's hard to deny the effectiveness of a Barbell Curl for putting size on the biceps.  The question is, are you doing the Barbell Curl correctly?  See what IFBB PRO Bobby Ashhurst has to say to make sure you get the most out of training your biceps!


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