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84-Year-Old Makes His IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Debut at Legion Sports Fest

84 Makes His IFBB ProLONG BEACH, CA (November 4, 2019) – 84-year old, Arthur Peacock, the oldest IFBB Pro League Bodybuilder in history, will make his pro debut at the Legion Sports Fest this Sunday. The Legion Sports Fest, multi-sport fitness expo presented by Reign Total Body Fuel will take place at the Long Beach Convention Center on November 9th and 10th 2019.PRESS RELEASE 84 Year Old Makes His IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Debut at Legion Sports Fest

“I’m a bodybuilder. This is what I do. That’s what I am. If there aren’t dumbbells in my coffin then someone is getting fired,” said Arthur Peacock when asked why he continues to compete at 84-years old.

170 IFBB Pro athletes from 25 different countries are slated to compete. The Men’s Bodybuilding 212 division with top Mr. Olympia athletes like Guy Cisterino and David Henry will now have to contend with a seasoned veteran who has been competing since 1969, Arthur Peacock.

This will technically be the 2nd time competing in the IFBB Pro League for Peacock. “In 1971, after placing 2nd to Ken Waller in the IFBB Professional Mr. America (Franco Columbo and Arnold Schwarzenegger were two of the judges that night), I was informed that American citizenship was mandatory to actually become Mr. America. So… as I was still a number of years from reaching the residency requirement and I’d won everything at the current level, I saw no reason to continue competing and retired in 1971 as a top IFBB Pro.

And here 48 years later I’m competing in a top IFBB Pro show.... a long, long journey,” said Peacock about his incredible TWO careers in the IFBB Professional League.

2PRESS RELEASE 84 Year Old Makes His IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Debut at Legion Sports FestPeacock again earned IFBB Professional Status after his retirement in 2015, the same year that he suffered a heart attack backstage while competing at the NPC Contra Costa Classic in San Jose. Less than one month later, he was back competing and won the NPC Nevada State and then went on to win at NPC Master’s Nationals in the 70+ age group category at 81 years old.

He declined to accept the IFBB Pro Card because he loves to compete at his favorite hometown shows like the NPC Tahoe Show and national qualifier events. He knew when he turned pro it would limit his options and where fans could see him compete. Arthur was awarded another IFBB Pro Card opportunity the following year in the 80+ age group and accepted; all while not knowing if and when he would compete at the IFBB Pro League level.

“I retired in 1971. And always in the back of mind, I wanted to retire as a pro. And now because of Chris Minnes (producer of the Legion Sports Fest) and his organization, when I accepted my pro card this week; I cried. That’s how much it means. I’ve waited 48 years for this. Looking back, I’ll be able to say, I’ve completed a long and successful career on my terms. I finally got my pro card and I can now get on this stage and say ‘Hey dudes, I have the right to stand next to you,” Arthur stated.

“These guys in bodybuilding 212; I’m not saying I’m going to beat them but I’m going to bring my best condition and they’re going to say ‘Wow, thankfully this guy is at the end of his career or else we all would be in trouble.’”

Peacock’s coach Anthony Altamirano of Gifted Lifestyle Nutrition said, “Arthur Peacock is a legend in the shadows. He is definitely the only one from the golden era still around, STILL COMPETING! He has done so much for the sport and finally will be able to retire with the IFBB Pro Card, one that eluded him for 48 years. It’s been an honor to be his coach and become close friends. Nobody else on earth will get to have a client like this.”

“The concept behind Legion Sports Fest is for people to find their hidden fitness superpowers. I never imagined a situation where a life-long superhero steps on stage and shows everyone that it’s never too late; and never, ever, stop going after what you want. Art- I’m proud of you. It is an honor!” said Chris Minnes, founder/owner of Legion Sports Fest and Center Podium Productions.

When asked what advice Arthur has for people that are interested in competing in the sport, he said “Take the long route, 50 or 60 years, not 5 or 6 years. And then hopefully you will be called Mr. Inspiration, just as I have.”

You can watch Peacock compete at the Legion Sports Fest on Sunday, November 10. Judging begins at 9:30 AM at the Long Beach Convention Center Hall A. Finals takes place at the Beverly O’Neil Theater, also at the Long Beach Convention Center at 6:30 PM.

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The title sponsor of Legion Sports Festival is Reign Total Body Fuel™. Major sponsors include EarthNutri, Northern Chill Water, Carr Cellular Fitness, SWAT Fuel, Muscle Monster, Monster Hydro. Other key sponsors are U.S. Navy, Team FFLEX, KOI CBD, Firm Hands Sports Massage, Jawku, S-Force Watches, Musclegen Research, Dr. Jen’s Nutrition, Icon Muscle, Oxygen Magazine and Crunch Fitness.

Expo tickets are $25 to $150 and IFBB Pro League events are $45-$150.
For information, registration, tickets and a full event schedule visit www.LegionSportsFest.com.

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