Add Meaning To Your End…

How  mg 9567-editmany times in our lives have we found ourselves simply going through the motions or forcing ourselves to do something because we justify it as a “Means to an End?” Or in simpler terms doing something that we do not enjoy in order to get an end result! We have all been there; whether it is Our Job, School, Training, Etc… When we take this kind of mentality no matter how justifiable the end result we severely limit our potential to produce an even better ending or even to create new opportunities along the way! While we all have days that we feel like we have to do something that is less than favorable, these truly should be the rarities and if they are not, the first step is to look at our outlook and see if we really are overlooking the experience that we could be gaining along the way!

One such scenario is when we complain because we have what we consider to be a Bad Boss or a Bad Work Environment; you know the ones that make you absolutely dread going to work! But, if we stop and think about the situation, there really is just as much to be gained from these negative scenarios as there are from positive ones! For instance we can take the stance to learn how not to be when we are placed in a similar position, which will in turn allow us to be Respected and Positive Leaders! There really is a bright side to everything that we do and any situation that we are in and simply feeling like we are doing what we have to do or are forcing ourselves to do something only limits our ultimate potential in the end!

The World of Training is absolutely no different! While many feel like they are going through repetitive motions in order to obtain a certain outcome and forcing things upon their body with very little result, there are many people who take the stance that each day is an opportunity to become better and make the world around them a better place and it is quite amazing as how the latter seem to have Positive Results in ALL areas of Their Lives!

When setting up your Training, be sure that you see the Value in what you are doing and truly understand the Lesson and Purpose of each, just as the motto that I live by says, it really is more than physical! The sooner that we realize this the better, it takes us from mindlessly going through the motions and making everything seem so difficult and eventually burning out, to understanding that there really is value in everything that we do and in turn we begin to Love the world around ourselves and experience continuous growth!

The next time you setup a plan or embark on a new adventure, remember that the value really is in the day-to-day and making what others view as mundane or work into an enjoyable experience.  Making it one that we can learn from is what separates the Mediocre from the Amazing! I sure would rather Live an Amazing Life and I would Love nothing more than to see the World around me experience the same!

Do you live by “A Means To An End,” or are you “Adding Meaning To Your End?” It is YOUR choice…

By Derek M. Trombetta

-Stay Strong; It’s more than Physical-
Derek is a Professional Firefighter, Fitness Coach, and MAN Sports™ Sponsored Physique Athlete with a Lifetime of REAL WORLD Experience in the Fitness Industry! For further information you can contact Derek at:

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