#FitSpire Of The Week: Marit Heimdal


photo1.PNG-2Name: Marit Heimdal 

Age: 27

Hometown or current residence: Steinkjer, Norway


Q: Tell me about your competitive history.

A: I competed in bikini fitness twice the spring of 2013, as a debutant in Fredrikstad Open where I placed 2nd, and in Oslo Grand Prix where I also placed 2nd.


Q: When did you get started on your fitness career/journey? What made you want to become more than just the average person living a healthy and fit lifestyle?

A: I’ve always been active; I did gymnastics for almost ten years before I became interested in weight training. I have always thought that girls with muscles are beautiful, so I decided to start strengthening and shaping my body into something better. I’ve been into fitness for about two years now.


Q: Being that you have a loyal social media following, what is some advice that you would offer someone wanting to increase their popularity in the Fitness industry? What tip can you give someone to help them build their following as well?

A: My tip is to be yourself! In the photos and captions, show them who you are as a person. Let them get to know you. The quality of the images is also important, and be sure to upload new photos on a regular basis. Take exciting and different photos. Show them your shape, there’s no secret that people want a little bit of skin!


Q: Do you consider this as your part/full time job or a hobby?

A: No, at this point it’s just a hobby.


Q: There are many people that motivate and are inspired by you. How does that makphoto2.PNGe you feel knowing that there are people who take the time to see what you are doing day to day?

A: I don’t think I’ve even realized that there are this many people who think that I’m an interesting person to follow. I’m just a regular girl, who likes to work out and stay in shape, and I’m absolutely no expert when it comes to training and nutrition. But having this many people following me is very exciting and I really appreciate all the compliments and feedback I get, that gives me drive and motivation to keep going.


Q: How does it feel knowing that somewhere, you are actually helping someone by motivating them to achieve their personal goals, just by posting your personal life and achievements on social media?

A: Like I said, I haven’t really been able to wrap my head around the fact that so many people are following me and find me and my life interesting. And if simply posting photos will motivate someone else, that is just fantastic. The whole thing is circular: that I inspire other people is inspiring to me as well, and it’s motivation for me to keep going when I know that I am someone else’s motivation. It’s a good feeling.


Q: Is there anyone who has motivated or inspired you to become the person you are today?

A: What I see in the mirror every morning is my motivation. I’m always setting new goals for myself, and seeing results of my work is what keeps me going. I think it’s important to be your own motivator, and not be too concerned or hung up on someone else; you should strive to be the best version of YOU.


Q: How does your family feel about your lifestyle? What would you say to someone whose family does not support their lifestyle?

A: I have mostly support from my friends. I don’t think my family really understands what I’m doing, and aren’t very interested and that’s kind of sad. I think it is very important to have your closest one supporting you, especially if you’re prepping for a contest, because that is a hard and challenging period. I would say that you should try to explain as best you can to your family, what you are doing and why. If you are choosing to go to the gym or make a healthy meal is the same as them choosing not to. And fitness really is a way of life, and if you’ve chosen it, you should ask for your family to accept, respect and support you the same way you do about the way they have chosen to live their life.


Q: Of all the social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), what do you think is the most effective to use in order to market yourself in this industry?

A: Instagram, definitely. A picture is more effective than words, and Instagram is a lot simpler than Facebook.


Q: What is your diet like? Do you eat clean all year round? 

A: My diet... Well, right now I’m not really on a diet. I try to make sure to get enough protein, that’s my number one concern. I usually have one cheat day a week when I eat whatever I want, but sometimes that day turns into two or three days, haha. I try to stick with pasta, rice, chicken, low-fat minced meat, and salmon. I don’t eat clean all year round; I think it’s important to indulge every now and then.


Meal 1: oatmeal

Meal 2: low-fat high-protein yoghurt and eggs

Meal 3: protein shake and an apple

Meal 4: chicken, rice and broccoli

Meal 5: rye crisp bread, cold cut turkey and avocado

Meal 6: protein shake and an apple


Q: What is your favophoto3.PNG-2rite cheat meal? How do you control yourself from going overboard when you decide to treat yourself?

A: My favorite is taco and Maritos pizza, my very own homemade pizza! And when I treat myself, I do go overboard! I have absolutely no control, I just dig in.


Q: Do you take any supplements? What do you think is one of the most important supplements someone should take who is training constantly?

A: When you work out a lot, it is very important to get enough protein so the body has something to build off of. So whey protein is a must. Other than that, I take creatine and omega 3.


Q: What’s your social media/contact information?

A: Instagram: maritheimdal

Facebook: Marit Heimdal

Twitter: maritheimdal


Q: Special thanks to:

A: My coach, Gunnar Strand Jacobsen, who has helped me with training programs and diets, and my two good friends and workout partners Marie Saetre and Hanne Viem, who is always there for me!


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