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Hannah Hart, age 39, is a Bikini competitor from Markham, Ontario, Canada. Let’s learn more about Hart and her fitness journey.


Q: Tell me about your competitive history.

A: October 2013, Oktoberfest Natural Classic, Master Bikini short, 1st

November 2013, IDFA world Championships, Fitness model, 1st (earned Pro card)

November 2013, London Ontario Championships, Bikini Short, 2nd 

May 2014, O’Brien Luchka Championships, Master Bikini Short 1st 


Next competiton:

May 3RX image 21, 2014, Toronto Provincial 

July 17, 2014,  IDFA Fitness Model Pro 


Q: When did you get started on your fitness career/journey? What made you want to become more than just the average person living a healthy and fit lifestyle? 

A:  Back in 2007, when I was still new to Canada and struggling to get used to a new life, I was sick a lot.  It took many years to discover my food intolerances and chemical sensitivities were the root cause.  After changing my diet, I slept better, had more energy, and was happier.  In fact, I had so much energy; I was ready to compete as soon as I discovered fitness competition events.


Q: Being that you have a loyal social media following, what is some advice that you would offer someone wanting to increase their popularity in the fitness industry? What tip can you give someone to help them build their following as well?

A: When I first started, I never thought that I would have so many wonderful supporters. At the beginning, I created my page just to keep myself motivated. People then started to ask me questions about staying fit and healthy and I was really glad to help them, which was a major factor in my increasing popularity. My advice would be that I was simply just being myself, being happy and helpful when I can, and people like it when you be yourself. Remember that many others look to you as a role model and an inspiration, and always be motivating them as well.


Q: Do you consider this as your part/full time job or a hobby?

A: Fitness and healthy living have become my lifestyle. I now own multiple businesses in the natural health industry, and I am inspired and help others to maintain their health through natural means. Staying fit and healthy is what I do as a full-time job as well as it is my hobby. 


Q: There are many people that are motivated and inspired by you. How does that make you feel knowing that there are people who take the time to see what you are doing day to day?

A: I love that I am being supported by so many people. I am so grateful to have them and I really appreciate them. I do my best to help them and answer any questions they have. It is nice to know that they appreciate and respect me, so I want to treat them the same way. 


Q: How does it feel knowing that somewhere, you are actually hRX image 7elping someone by motivating them to achieve their personal goals just by posting your personal life and achievements on social media?

A: My days are happier knowing that I am motivating and helping others. It makes me want to train harder and to learn more about the industry in order to gain more knowledge and be able to share my knowledge with them. 


Q: Is there anyone who has motivated or inspired you to become the person you are today?

A: Simone Sinclair, IFBB Bikini Pro, was the first person to inspire me into fitness, as she was a customer and then my coach.  Since then, I follow many other fitness professionals for inspiration.


Q: How does your family feel about your lifestyle? What would you say to someone whose family does not support their lifestyle?

A: My family and friends gives me all of their support. They were with me when I was sick and dealing with my surgery and subsequent infection. It was a tough time for me but they were there to help me through it. Now I am in a better place as I am healthy, fit, and happy. If you live with people who do not support you, you must free yourself from them. Do what makes you happy, not what makes others happy—you are the most important person in your life!


Q: Of all the social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), what do you think is the most effective to use in order to market yourself in this industry?

A: Facebook is where I connect with friends and fans all over the world.


Q: What is your diet like? Do you eat clean all year round? 

A: I eat clean and train hard all year round in order to keep my body in good shape. This has become my lifestyle.  I have not taken care of my body in the past and it has suffered because of it, and so now I have resolved to keep it as strong and healthy as possible. Being healthy is the most important thing in life—it makes me happy, it gives me positive energy, and it gives me the confidence to face my struggles in life and an opportunity to help others. My typical meal consists of either chicken or fish and some vegetables. I also eat nuts, avocadoes, and quinoa. 


Q: What is your favorite cheat meal? How do you control yourself from going overboard when you decide to treat yourself?

A: I love the Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls as they remind me of home. I often ask myself either to enjoy overboard food for the moment or to enjoy good health for a lifetime. It's good to allow ourselves to cheat now and then, but it all comes down to your self-discipline—being able to tell yourself to stop when you have had enough. 


Q: Do youRX image 4 take any supplements? What do you think is one of the most important supplements someone should take who is training constantly?

A: I take Magnum Quattro Protein and BCAA on a daily basis.  Sometimes before intensive training I take Magnum Rocket Science, which is a pre-workout supplement.


Q: What’s your social media/contact information?

A: You can find me on Facebook under Hannah Hart Fitness, link is https://www.facebook.com/HannahHartFitness


Q: Special thanks to:

A: My husband for always supporting me and ‎Markus Kaulius at Magnum Nutraceutical for giving me the support I needed to excel.  I am so grateful for them for all of their help. 


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