Tim Staggs CPT: NPC Competitor & MensPhysique Blogger


Tim is a DWt24NPC national level physique competitor, owner of Staggs Fitness (www.staggsfitness.com) and certified personal trainer.  Tim and his wife Becca help individuals achieve their fitness goals through wellness coaching and personal training. They live a healthy lifestyle and practice what they preach.

Tim was very skinny growing up and was picked on daily. So in high school he started lifting to overcome his skinny physique. He started adding muscle and became addicted to lifting weights and fitness. He then learned how to eat properly, to not only be an elite athlete, but to live a healthy lifestyle. Hecontinues to try to improve his physique everyday so he can compete with the best physiques in the country. His keys to success are hard work, consistency, and always be learning.


Tim Staggs


Certified Personal Trainer/ Wellness Coach


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