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Are You Prepared for ARMageddon?


No,Angel arms 1 this is not another doomsday article designed to incite mass panic and overreaction, it is however designed to get you those “jacked”, muscular arms you desire! The trick is incorporating all muscle groups so that each one is worked uniformly. How many times have we seen the guy at the gym who does incessant curls so that his biceps are completely overdeveloped to the point of looking cartoonish, yet has little or no tricep development at all? DO NOT BE THIS GUY!! 
Below is my Armageddon routine. I hope you are not scared of a little pain, because if your arms don’t start cramping or locking up after this workout, you are either not doing it right, or aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. This routine works best with three people so that you have enough time to rest in between supersets.

You will need:

A flat bench
Dumbbells (I use 35lbs)
A curl iron (25-35 lb. plates)


Start by repping out 20 standing bar curls. Now lie down on the bench for 20 skull crushers using the same bar. Sit up and do 20 seated bicep curls using dumbbells (no swinging your shoulders, results are directly correlated to proper form, so do it right. Drop the weight if you need to). Finally, lie back down for 20 tricep kickbacks using the same dumbbells. Congratulations!! You just completed one set and have only five more to go for a total of six sets. Don’t celebrate just yet….you have just begun!

Cable Tricep Push Down Drop Set:
You will start this exercise with your MAX weight. After each rep of 20 is completed you will drop the weight two plates. Please don’t give up if you can’t finish your rep, just drop the weight another plate and continue to feel the burn. It is intended to hurt. One set is 100 reps. You will do five sets for a total of 500 reps. (are you man enough? LOL)

Max weight: 20 reps
Drop 2 plates: 20 reps
Drop 2 plates: 20 reps
Drop 2 plates: 20 reps
Drop 2 plates: 20 reps

If you made it this far, your arms should look and feel like they are going to EXPLODE! You are almost finished….

Hammer Preacher Curl Drop Set:
Three sets of 20 is one set. You will do five sets total. Use a weight so you can execute with proper form, yet still heavy enough to challenge you. Try to really focus on squeezing that bicep as it peaks.

Max weight: 20 reps
Drop 5-10lbs: 20 reps
Drop 5-10lbs.: 20 reps

Now it’s time to celebrate amigos because you are done!! My advice, go straight to the drugstore and pick up some Ben-Gay because you will need it. Job well done!!

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