2012 National Bodybuilding Championships MP Division Results



Vincent Fiore2012 National Bodybuilding Championships MENS PHYSIQUE DIVISION Results

You probably already know that this past weekend was the last chance in 2012 to earn the coveted IFBB Pro card in the MP Division. This year they awarded 12 total Pro Cards for the MP Division. That sounds like a lot but they go quickly when around 170 National Level MP guys show up in hopes of taking one home.

There were a total of 6 height classes at the Nationals. Classes ranged in size from a low of around 20 competitors in a class to the largest classes having over 40. First and Second place in each height class earned their card.


The Final Pro Card Winners for the 2012 season are as follows:




A Class:
1st Vincent Fiore (OVERALL WINNER)

2nd Stephen Mass

B Class:
1st Sean Harley

2nd Luke Boehm

C Class:
1st Corey Hammac

2nd Ken Rawlins


D Class:
1st Keenon LeBlanc

2nd Jonathon Cetera

E Class:
1st Collin Wasiak

2nd Ian Lauer

F Class:
1st Russel Waheed

2nd Torey Woodward



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