A Brief Synopsis from the First Ever MP Show in the UK


UKBFFjordan leader Stars Of Tomorrow-Hayes, Greater London

There were a total of 10 competitors in the physique contest. No height classes were used. If it grows ,as it has in the states, then in the future shows drawing more competitors 2 height classes will be uses. One height class will be up to 178cm (5'10'') and the other over 178cm.

As for the flavour of the show: It was not surprising, as we heard about it in the US, at the beginning there was some heckling from the audience. 'These are the guys who don't train quads' 'this isn't bodybuilding' etc . The MC asked audience to be respectful. Once that happened the crowd was respectful and was quick to see the why there is such a massive following in the US.

The 10 men that turned out they had very strong physiques. Considering it hasn't been that well publicized over here in the UK, having 10 guys for the first show was a decent turnout and their physiques set a great standard for the class. The results of the show:

Top 3
1. Alex Edwards-Seivright
2. Leon Williams
3. Rabe Abadom

The top 2 qualified for the British Championship in October 2013.

Chatting with 2 UKBFF Officials afterwards, they were very pleased with the turnout of the class for the first show. They thought the standard established was fantastic and they believe it will be as big as it is in the NPC. They said they would prefer to see shorter shorts to see a bit of quad and hamstring but they don’t make that choice.

Outside of Top 3 didn't receive a placing. I’m looking forward to seeing the MP Division grow here in the UK as it has in the US.

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