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A Few Tips from the Ladies…

Seeing as how the Men’s Physique Division is brand n220281_10150180294082943_676207942_6845994_2158649_oew this year, there will of course be a breaking in period where all of the judging and criteria really get lined out, but one thing that is for certain… This IS NOT Bodybuilding and no matter what Body Type wins at what show; Presence and Personality will ALWAYS play a huge role in determining placings and this is where the Men would be wise to take some Tips from the Ladies…

Since Bikini came on the scene several years back in the NPC the whole atmosphere of shows has changed a bit, gone are the days where just looking the part is going to earn you Top Rankings and in are the days where you have to convey the part from beginning to end to really make your mark! If you watch any Top Bikini Competitor or Model for that matter, you will see someone who really knows how to present their physique and get their message across without saying a word! Since the new Men’s Physique IS being judged on Presence and Personality, why not look at what the “Professionals” are doing for guidance? If you already have the physique and look in pictures, learning to have Poise, Presence, and Personality will take you to the next level! Remember that pictures are very static, yes they convey emotion, but they actually aren’t moving and adapting to their environment! Being on stage is a very dynamic environment and many a placing has been decided by who has that “Wow Factor!” What is the “Wow Factor” you ask? Well… It is when someone exudes Poise, Presence, and Personality and walks out on stage and everybody just knows it’s their time!

This is where taking some Tips from the Ladies comes in! I have had the honor to have been apart of the NPC for over 12 years now and have worked with and Coached many Women in every division, as well as several accomplished models and let me tell you, these Women can Rock a Stage! I suggest that you take the time to watch other classes at all of the shows and attend as many local modeling showcases that you can, we ALL can learn from others and these women have exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to that “Wow Factor!” This weekend I traveled to Denver to watch my beautiful girlfriend Aome and many other Women compete in The Great American Model Search presented by James Morris and shot by local photographers Brett Seeley and Don Hales, was it worth it? YES is an understatement! Watching these Women work the camera, crowd, and judges is simply breathtaking, as if they are telling you exactly what they want you to know without saying a word! Aome also competes in Bikini in the NPC as did several of the other competitors, this shows you just how transferable their skills are! How did she do? Well, I am very proud to say that she took 1st Place, did she have that “Wow Factor?” I’ll let you be the judge with the few pictures from the event that I have included :) Remember that pictures are static and to truly learn and grasp the true concept of Poise, Presence, and Personality you need to get in that dynamic environment… So take the opportunity to take a Few Tips from the Ladies and you won’t be disappointed!

-Stay Strong; It’s more than Physical-

Derek M. Trombetta

Professional Fitness Coach and Firefighter




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