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Why Did You Start?


No Derek Chainmatter what we accomplish or what we are going through, we all at times will go through moments where we question what we are doing or just want to give up all together. These are the times that truly define someone who has the Warrior Spirit, you see, it is easy for anyone to give thanks, be excited, and have endless energy when things are going great and everything seems to just be happening in our favor. The times when the chips are down are the times we really have three choices to make; just stay where we are at, give in to the urge to quit, or realize why we started in the first place and snap out of it and make it happen! You see, to say that we all do not experience trying times would simply be naive, but in the grand scheme of this life and there being literally millions of things that go into what is happening at our present moments, we are also very naive to not realize that things are just as they should be! This is a concept that is very easy to say, but also very difficult to master; it takes the realization that our reactions and attitudes ultimately dictate our outcomes. It takes the realization that with millions of things coming into play to make a single moment, that there are far many factors other than just what we are currently doing. Above all, it takes the realization that people, things, and events do not in themselves cause emotions or dictate whether something is “good” or “bad,” but rather how we perceive them and if we treat life as a learning experience, rather than just something to mindlessly discount as if it isn’t our fault. Let me tell you, with the utmost conviction, that everything that we feel and experience is ultimately by our own doing, our greatest secret lies deep within ourselves, where we already have the answers!

With Fitness and Life in general the times that can be the most difficult are when we have feelings of being lost, or just not sure what we are doing is working. At these times it is so important to take some time for reflection and ask yourself, “why did I start?” Often times the reason we started is very far from our present situation and that in itself is a large reason why we may be having feelings of doubt. Doing things that matter to us and ultimately have a strong emotional tie, will always have a large impact on our being and when we stray too far from the core values we have, we will always be reminded. Sometimes we do just not want to pay attention or acknowledge that we have strayed and going down this path too long will ultimately lead to our perceived failures. This also goes to show the power of having a strong foundation, when shaken, we always fall back to our foundation and if our foundation is strong, we will outlast and if not, we will crumble!

Think back to the very first time you decided to enter the gym; this first experience is very intimidating, but also very exciting at the same time! The nerves rush as you see the rows of machines and weights; you have visions of all the wonderfully fit people and the ones beginning their journeys too! The thrill of making progress, seeing, and feeling gains is priceless and so much more than just the outward. Think of how you grew in the gym, but also as a person as you were taught that no matter what, 100lbs will always be 100lbs, it is consistent, it is unbiased, and just because you conquered it one day, does not mean that you will the next, but there are many more days! Think of the first time you really set a goal that seemed impossible and then you achieved it, remember how amazing that felt? Think of the first time a friend or family member who hadn’t been supporting your decisions gave you a compliment on your drive and determination, WOW, no matter how slight, it felt amazing! Think back… Remember the first time someone else came up to you and told you that you inspired them, remember that? Think of how you are creating something larger than yourself; think of all the relationships built around your lifestyle! Remember the first supplement you got, how excited you were to see the results… tomorrow, yeah, I remember that too :) Remember the first time people started correlating you and fitness and asking questions and paying attention to things you do and trying them for themselves? Think way back; remember the thought when you realized “if I had only known what I know now when I started?” Think of all the crazy things, the funny things, the times you laughed, the times you cried, the times you outright puked from a workout… Ahhh! Remember the first time you felt like not going to the gym or missing your workout and you went ANYWAYS and it felt absolutely amazing, funny how that works! I could go on and on about all of the amazing memories that we all have from living the fitness lifestyle; some of you may have experienced all of these, for some, they are yet to come… But, they will be there! The bottom line is that no matter where you are or what you are going through, you started for a reason and to reminisce and remember those special moments is truly powerful! Our lives and those we encounter are forever shaped because of these moments…

Remember the time you threw it all in, the time you were knocked down and didn’t get back up, remember the time you gave up? If this memory escapes you, then you have already won! It isn’t about where you’re at, but rather what it took for you to get there. REMEMBER THAT!


"People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don't know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to."
-George Allen-

Thank You to ALL who take the time to read My Words, if they are able to help just one person, then I am that much closer to My Goal!

By Derek M. Trombetta

-Stay Strong; It’s more than Physical-
Derek is a Professional Firefighter, Fitness Coach, and Physique Athlete with a Lifetime of REAL WORLD Experience in the Fitness Industry! For further information you can contact Derek at:
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