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You Can't Be Your Competition...So Stop Trying


I was IMG 4763taggedrecently approached by a client asking me my thoughts about a photographer who in their estimate was trying very hard to imitate my style and work processes. They asked "doesn't this bother you?" After giving it some thought the best response I could come up with is "not really." But allowing it to marinate a bit more I pose the question of "why should it bother me?" The reality is, without this person's own business or creative identity, the best they could ever hope to achieve would be almost as good as someone else.

I think about commercial companies who succeed. They do not achieve great things by attempting to copy what another company does. Instead they carve out their own niche, demographic, style that makes them unique in the eye of the consumer. 

You can never do exactly what your competition does better than they can do it.

So how does this translate to fitness talents? Quite simply. If you are pitching yourself to publications with the exact same pitch as someone else, you will not stand out. If you attempt to fully replicate someone else in their posing while on stage right next to them, you will not be seen over them. If you make your blog about the exact same topics as they do, you won't achieve as many readers as they will.

It is important to differentiate your brand and what you offer. Your competition is really good at being themselves. You need to be really good at being yourself.

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