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What’s The Angle?

There are so many times when we have a IMG_1065 (1)great model shoot planned but maybe not a great location.Short notice, no notice, but make them look great. Well, there are a few things we can do as models and photographers that can give us great results even when the location is less than perfect.




When my old trainer needed some promotional photos for his website, I was happy to get things moving, however, we had no time and a very small space to give a “hardcore gym”, look. We actually found a piece of corrugated plastic roofing lying behind the house and just propped it up for a makeshift studio. Now the dimensions of my background material were 8 feet by only 4 feet, so I had very little area to shoot at so we had to get creative. By having the model crunch down into some exercise forms we were able to create some interesting angles to shoot. Now, I wasn’t going to be able to go full body in this shoot but that was ok for the purpose of this project.




My model also did a fantastic job of bringing some intensity to the look. Coupled with the tight angles we knocked it out quick and generated some cool images. There were a few things we tried to avoid to get the best looks. We tried to use focal length that did not require too much cropping, in addition, we moved the shooting angle around the subject so as to get a little bit of slant to the background which definitely adds interest to the shot. To finish the look, we popped off a speed light with a red gel, giving a little more intensity in the scene.




When you go into a shoot as model or photographer, take a look around for cool background possibilities and don’t afraid to conform your model to the set. Models, get ready to get creative with moving your body into creative areas and spaces that can give you amazing and fun images.

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