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The Importance of Criticism


We now live, surrounded, in a world of self-promotionIMG 3835tagged and positive feedback. Models are a prime example of this with the use of social media to display their portfolios.




“Like this, comment on this, repost this, share this”




However, very seldom in this sea of positive reinforcement (however real or unreal it may be) are there requests for honest critiques. Now I am not encouraging people to start ripping apart one-another’s work. But if none of our feedback on our work (photographers included) is constructive, how do we ever expect to improve?



So, in what ways can models seek criticism in their work?

  • Posing and Expression: Did the posture and facial expressions of the model exude the emotion and direction the photo shoot was attempting to display?
  • Styling: Did the outfit and accessories (or makeup and hair) match the style of the photo shoot? Could there have been anything different added in to enhance the presentation of the model?
  • Energy: Similar to expression, but did the model display the proper amount of energy in the imagery.


A model talent typically can take the opportunity to talk to the photographer after the photo shoot with questions such as:

  • In what areas did I do well in?
  • In what areas could I stand to improve upon for a next photo shoot?


Positive feedback is extremely motivating, but we run the risk of being caught in routine. Constructive feedback challenges us to constantly better how we do what we do.


Happy Shooting!


James Patrick

See more of my articles as well as my fitness photography work on my website www.jamesmpatrick.com


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