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I just returned home from Redondo Beach, California.  FMILOGO1 There I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the FMI ( Fitness Model International) 2011 Fall conference. In fact I actually wrote this on the plane ride back home to TX, because I just couldn't wait to share.  I first learned about FMI back in 2007 and really wanted to attend, but was unable to go. Fast forward 4 years and I finally made it out to the conference. It was well worth it and my only regret is waiting so long to attend my first one.

If you're like me (back in 07) and have never heard of it, you're probably wondering what is the FMI Conference?  I will do my best to explain it ; but, in order to really get the big picture you really need to experience it for yourself. I say this because there really aren't any words that can adequately describe what it's like to be there.

FMI is a conference put on by Garry Warren and Clark Bartram "Americas most trusted fitness professional."  It is an opportunity for fitness professionals looking for information on how to conduct themselves as a business and use their talents to have a career in the entertainment industry. Careers ranging from modeling, acting, stunt work, personal training, and so much more are discussed.

The conference price includes photo shoots with several top named photographers in the industry which varies from conference to conference. This year's conference had the photography talent of; Natalie Minh, Noel Daganta, Taylor Bartram, Harvey Elkins, James Patrick, Robert Reiff, and LHGFX. Working with amazing talent like this is such an amazing opportunity and the guidance/advice they offer will provide you with the skill sets & tools you need to begin your modeling career or take it to the next level!

Photo shoots however are just the tip of the iceberg for FMI, they also offer a wide variety of classes designed to give you the specific information, advice and point you in the right direction for the fitness career that best suits you. Courses at this year’s conference included; Intro to Fitness Entrepreneurship with Clark Bartram,Life After FMI with Danielle Pascente, Personal Training with Patrick Gamboa of the ISSA, Athlete Nutrition with Dr. Ashley Mayer,  and several others. So there are classes right for you, whether you already know the direction you are looking to go or are just trying to see what is out there and available.

The amount of incredible talent that has come through FMI is absolutely amazing! Talent includes names like; J'miah Williamson, Parker Cote, Bobby Ashhurst, Chady Dunmore, Ian Lauer, Koya Webb, Emily Zelar( creator of the EZ whey cookbook), Frank Jones, Nick Verdi, Amber Dunford, Matt Christianer, Jamin Thompson, Amy Jo Palmquest, and too many more to name them all. Everyone of them are willing to take the time to offer their help, support, motivation, guidance, and just overall experience to help ensure you are set up to have the best opportunity for success possible.IMG 2177

What really sets FMI apart from everything else out there is the passion and heart of everyone involved! As soon as you arrive there is such a positive feeling that is accompanied by a very supportive atmosphere. You quickly begin to realize that this is more than just a group of people getting together because of a common interest in fitness, it's a FAMILY! You see that no one is there just simply to look out for themselves and their own futures/careers, but instead there is a genuine interest in helping and seeing the success of everyone that is a part of FMI.

The connections and friendships made at FMI are real and will last you a lifetime! I'm already looking forward to seeing what the future holds for each and every member of the FMI family. If any of them need help, support, advice, connections, or anything else I'm capable of providing all they need to do is ask and they can be assured I will be there and do everything I can! I now have new family all over the world that will always be there for me.

This experience is more than I could have ever hoped for or imagined! It surpassed every expectation I had going into it and I'm so thankful I was able to be a part of it. More than once during the week I heard from other attendees "I don't want this week to ever end" or " the people here already feel like family to me." These statements are not exaggerations.  This is simply the real truth about the FMI experience.

If you're interested in some type of career in the fitness or entertainment industry then you absolutely must attend an FMI conference ASAP! Don't let the cost hold you back from making the choice to go, because the entire experience and the connections/real friendships you will make are priceless! This opportunity is not only a fair deal, it's literally a steal, because you will not find or experience anything else that can even compare to this!

I just want to sincerely thank Clark & Garry and the rest of the FMI staff for everything they have done, including  all the time and personal sacrifice they have already and will continue to  put forth to make FMI an amazing experience! I'm looking forward to being a part of the FMI family and it's continued success and bright future. FMI will not only help you succeed in your career, but it will absolutely change your life in ways you can't even imagine right now.

Don't just take my word for it though, sign up for a conference and see for yourself what it's all about. FMI is really an indescribable adventure and an atmosphere that you absolutely must experience firsthand to even begin to comprehend and appreciate.

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