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There are many anxieties that people experience on a daily basis.  Unfortunately there is another one atop the list that may be creeping it's way into the Physique Division:  "Body Dysmorphia"   

Bodybuilders, Physique, Figure and Bikini Competitors all compete on stage and are judged on their bodies.  They look great. You would think this group should have all the confidence in the world when they strut their stuff for all to see. However, many don't stop judging themselves when they walk off the stage or away from a photo shoot.  They often hold themselves to a different standard...occasionally an unhealthy standard. When this happens the competitor often sees themselves as "small" or "out of shape" when in reality they are quite fit or muscular.

On the flip side: The average body fat percentage for an American Male is around 25%. For a female this number is 35%-40%. To give you an idea how high this number is, the ideal body fat percentage for a male is around 12% and for a female is around 20%. You can see, there is obviously a significant problem, particularly in America." (http://www.healthygo.com/articles/averagebodyfat.php)  This was part of an article that was discussing what the average body fat is and what the ideal goal is for an average American.  The question then becomes what is "Ideal for a REGULAR person" and what is "Ideal for a Competitor?"

I have contributed to many blogs and have talked about what America believes to be an ideal body fat.  For many Men's Physique competitors, the  Ideal Body Fat goal of 12% for a REGULAR person is at best out an "off season" look. mirror This is when we are bulking and putting on muscle.  Most of us come to the conclusion that we are out of shape at 12% body fat.  We are our own worst critics.  We suffer anxiety because we judge ourselves more harshly than the average American.  Competitors body fat scale, in my opinion, starts around 2% and tops off at 12-13% (Men's Physique).  The General Population in America has a  fat scale that starts around 12% and ends at morbidly obese.  What does all this mean to us competitors?  How does it affect our psyche?

I am in the gym the other day with my work out partner, Ryan Hughes another IFBB Pro, and we look at the mirror at the end of the work out and both conclude that we are not in the best shape right now.  We take a moment to put our situation in perspective in comparison to the General Public instead of a "standard or ridiculousness."  Though we are not in our best shape, in all reality we are VERY LEAN in comparison to the national averages.  It is important to take a moment time to time to remember how "In-Shape" you really are!  This is an important step to take to remain happy as a competitor and person...while avoiding Body Dysmorphia.

If you feel you may be suffering from Body Dysmorphia visit the following link to learn more about this disorder. (http://www.bulimia.com/client/client_pages/abouteating_males.cfm )

Craig Capurso
IFBB Pro Men's Physique

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