The 2013 NPC Nationals: Stuff You Did Not Know!

The 2013 NPC Nationals: Stuff You Did Not Know!

In the pastJB5 1042 CMIPETKMHC few years the annual NPC Nationals has become a rampaging juggernaut when it comes to the number of entries in this most prestigious of amateur events in the United States.  Most recently anywhere from 800 to 1,000 contestants have made the trip to this event in the hopes of becoming one of the sport’s next big stars.  This year was no different as a total of 853 competitors (386 men and 467 women) made the trip to Ft. Lauderdale to compete in men’s and women’s bodybuilding, men’s and women’s physique, and women’s figure and bikini divisions. Along with the coveted overall titles at stake, dozens of IFBB pro cards were available to top placers in the divisions.

But what about the multitude of aspiring contestants who missed earning a trophy or pro status?  Well, many set themselves apart in other ways.  This short article will touch on many of the unsung entrants who may not have distinguished themselves, but still deserve mention for other reasons.  Enjoy.

The Lightest
Men’s bodybuilding: Rafael Campuzano, El Paso, TX   129 pounds
Women’s bodybuilding: Patricia Watson, Fredericksburg, VA  112 pounds
Karen Holliday, Sumerduck, VA 112 pounds

The Heaviest
Men’s bodybuilding: Ambrose Middleton, Dallas, TX  262 pounds
Women’s bodybuilding: Nuriye Evans, Pompano Beach, FL  181 pounds

The average of 36 men’s HW competitors – 224 ¾  pounds
The winner: Kevin Jordan, Aurora, IL  225 pounds

The average of 19 men’s SHW competitors – 244 pounds
The winner: Ryan Pateracki, Altamonte Springs, FL  252 pounds

Shortest men’s physique: Trevor Lazarus, Lutz, FL  5-3
Tallest men’s physique: George Dorsey, Duluth, GA 6-5

Shortest women’s physique: Margaret Negrete, El Paso, TX  4-11JB5 2778 OPGVVZGKXV
Tallest women’s physique: Reba Williams, Destin, FL  6-1 ½

Shortest in figure: Lea Goldsmith, North Bridgeville, OH  4-10 ½
Tallest in figure:  Camille Clark, Pittsburgh, PA  6-0

Shortest in bikini:  Lauren Triani, Ormand Beach, FL  4-8 ½
Tallest in bikini:  Amanda Woolery, Metairie, LA  5-10 ½

Biggest Class of the Entire Contest:  Men’s Physique Class ‘D’ (5-9 to 5-11)  62 entrants

Smallest Class of the Entire Contest: Women’s Bodybuilding MW Class   3 entrants (All three weighed exactly 124 pounds.)

The Thrill of Victory – The Agony of Defeat: One-point decisions!

Men’s Bantam: 
1- David Nguyen, Bossier City, LA                        8
2- James Shumpert, Airway Heights, VA               9

Men’s Light-Heavyweight:
1- Chris Tuttle, Glastonbury, CT                            7
2- Lorenzo James, Dallas, TX                                8

Men’s Super HW:
1- Ryan Pateracki, Altamonte Springs, FL             7
2- Joe Thomas, Lake City, FL                                8

Women’s PhysiqJB5 2668 PNIZDCYOCLue ‘A’ Class:
1- Hanna Hallman, Acworth, GA                           7
2- Lenore Kaiser, San Antonio, TX                        8

Women’s Physique ‘D’ Class:
1- Carly Starling-Horrell, Wilmington, NC            7
2- Michele Horan, Melbourne, FL                        8

And of course, with over 800 competitors there are bound to be some GREAT names:

Johnny Jazz
Kob Yan
Harmony Cannon
Topaz Good
Ivory Crofoot
Eunika Desir
Tau’Mee King
Turner Riddle
Sheeba Ibidunni
Zeus Kang
Shelby Mello
Bailey Dawn Milby (Best name for a future country western songstress.)

And Those That Were Meant for Each Other:

Jacques Pitcher and Jerrica BattingJB5 3667 VCVMIJRNYE
Shinda Obey and Shelby O’Fay (Standing side-by-side in their Bikini class… honest!)
Queenie Benito  (If she hooked up with Blake King, she’d be Queenie King.  And if Blake wasn’t available Alfredo Prince would be waiting in the wings!)
Andrew Vu, Michael Le and Ha Nguyen:  A vowel and a consonant will do.
A colorful quintet:  Mark Brown, Violet Wilson, Baxter Greene, Jeremy Gray, and Ty White.

Found in Nature: 

Lynnie Brooks, Bree Marsh, Virginia Pons, Genette Wolf, Caroline Rose, Adolfo Falcon, Dextria Sapp, Danielle Dove, Charli Woods, and Ecko Johnson

A Marriage of Convenience:  Kyle King (Bikini class 5-6 ¾ ) and Kyle King (Men’s Physique 5-6 ½). Bikini Kyle is from Tampa, FL and Physique Kyle is from Bremerton, WA.

Food For Thought:  Marty Burger, Antonietta Luigini, and Hallie Cook.

Keeping Up With the Joneses: Selena Smith, Candice Smith, Molli Smith, Linda Smith, Tyler Smith, Jessica Smith, and Denver Smith.  Okay, okay… Lorenzo Jones.

And FINALLY:  Roderick Johnson and Richard Dicks. A caption of your choice!

I know, I know, I have WAY too much time on my hands!


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