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The Kovacian: My Synthol Recommendations!

SyntholFreakLately, I have been inundated with questions concerning one particular substance. I'll let you guess; it isn't Anavar, it isn't GH and no it isn't insulin. The substance in question is synthol. I find it shocking that so many young bodybuilders approach me with questions about synthol use. I really thought that synthol was something that had kind of fallen by the wayside in terms of popularity.


The Kovacian: TriSets, SuperSets, and Giant Sets . . Plus Kovacs Legal Update!

n683941707 149393 5093A large weight, and I am not talking about a squat bar, has been lifted off my shoulders. Many of you have probably already heard that I was arrested and charged with "extortion" just over a year ago by an individual that will remain nameless at this juncture. My last court date was on December 12, 2011 and I plead out to a deal that will hopefully end with the possibility of no criminal record


The Kovacian: Shameless Self-Promotion!

KovacsDucktailsTechnology is a wonderful thing. It has allowed a lot of people, not just bodybuilders, to promote and develop a brand very quickly. Back in the day, it was nowhere near that easy. In bodybuilding, it has allowed up-and-coming athletes to develop a following before ever being in a magazine or receiving any kind of traditional exposure.


The Kovacian: Why Bodybuilders Get Distended Stomachs & How to Prevent It!

Greg Kovacs d3Big, distended guts! If there's one topic that I get asked about all the time, it's stomach distention. This is a phenomenon that has been prevalent in bodybuilding for decades. It isn't just limited to the professional ranks; it's a problem with amateur bodybuilders as well. I am going to take the bull by the horns and discuss the factors that I feel have caused stomach distention in both myself and others. Learn from other's mistakes and incorporate it into your own protocols. hr id"system-readmore" / Big, distended guts! If there's one topic that I get asked about all the time, it's stomach distention.


The Kovacian: Why a Good Training Partner is so Important!

I get asked a lot of questions. One of the most popular questions I field is “What is the best way to train: Alone or with a partner?” Frankly, I have covered this topic in the past and I’ve told you some interesting stories. This time, I want to touch on the clear points of why training with a partner is so integral to success in bodybuilding. I should state; however, that I do recognize both the pros and cons in working out with a training partner – it ain’t all gumdrops and honeysuckle!



The Kovacian: Crom, Kai and Cutler!

I was going through contest pictures on RxMuscle.com, the other day, and I had an inspiration for my article this week. I want to touch on two bodybuilders that stick out in my mind as the best in different aspects of the sport. First, Kai Greene is clearly one of the few athletes in bodybuilding that has made the most out of his physique. There are lots of other guys out there that have capitalized on their genetic potential, but I think Greene has taken it to another level. Secondly, Jay Cutler has the ability to promote his physique like no other bodybuilder I have seen since Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some people have criticized my opinions in the past as if I have presented them as fact


The Kovacian: How Not to Buy Syringes & Unilateral Bodypart Training for Better Gains!

KovacsUnilateralGreetings Kovacians! Before I lumber into this week’s topic, I would like to touch on something intriguing I witnessed a few days ago. In Ontario, we have a drug store chain called Shopper’s Drug Mart. It was a normal Sunday afternoon and I sauntered into the local Shopper’s to take care of some mailings. When lo and behold, there was a larger-than-average fellow standing at the pharmacists counter and he was creating quite the scene


The Kovacian: My Hatred of FURUS!

 gregkovacs1pm8This week, I am going to depart from my reminiscing and address a couple of things that I just want to write about. First off, I have had a week that just plain sucked. It all started off with the anticipation of moving into my new condo with my lovely girlfriend, Caterine. After all the bullshit I went through trying to find a place and arranging all the details, the day came when it was finally time to move. It was exactly one week out and I was backing out of my driveway.


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