The Kovacian

The Kovacian: The Women of Titus!

titus-ryanTo recap from last week, I told a little story about some punk's face being introduced to the back of Craig Titus' hand at a Niagara strip club. After our little adventure at that strip club, I decided that it would be best to keep Craig away from anywhere like that for the remainder of his stay. The following morning rolled around and both Craig and I were sporting massive headaches. I mean, what do you expect? I was out partying with Craig Titus. The man can drink. Anyway, we were sitting eating a massive breakfast and Craig started getting into telling me how he had a few comeback opportunities on the horizon


The Kovacian: My Misadventures with Craig Titus!

craig_titus-228x300It was 1996; I had just won my pro card and was invited to do a photo shoot at Gold's Gym, Venice. This was when I first met Craig Titus. During my early years as an IFBB Pro, I became close friends with Titus and it's something not many people know about. Craig and I found common ground to forge our friendship because we both turned pro that same year. After we had met, Craig and I kept in touch with a couple phone calls here and there. Out of nowhere, I found out that he was going to be taking a little vacation to "Club Fed" (that's federal prison for those of you who might not know). His little stay over there came with the ultimate shitty door prize, losing his Met-RX contract and being ostracized from the industry


The Kovacian: The Weekend I Won the Canadian Nationals- Part 2

n683941707_149401_1478To continue from Part One, my article ended with all the drama leading up to the weigh-ins at the Canadian Nationals. For Part Two, I will introduce a new character to my odyssey - a bodybuilding icon - Lonnie "The Swami" Teper. Yes, Lonnie was the guest MC for the Canadian Nationals that year. Even after many, many, many years; he's still got the same electrifying stage presence.


The Kovacian: One Rep Good; Three Reps Better!

ThinkingI am a freak of super size and strength. I wasn't just another kid who lifted weights in his parent's basement. People always ask me when I realized that I was "different". . . and I can narrow it down to one bench press contest at a local gym. It was in that Niagara Falls weight pit that a story was forged that has almost become the stuff of urban legends and folklore.


The Kovacian: My Journey to the 1996 Night of Champions!

n683941707_149394_4907This story is about me, the Canadian Colossus, and my unbelievable journey to the Night of Champions in New York City. It was 1996; I was still an amateur bodybuilder and had never been to the Big Apple. Naturally, I was very excited to go and check out the show. A friend of mine had an apartment and an extra ticket to the contest and he offered to give me the ticket and to let me stay at his place, so I booked a flight right away. I bet this sounds simple enough, right? Well, the flight was where the real action began.


The Kovacian: My Experience with Nasser El Sonbaty!

nasser4dSince everyone keeps asking me to talk about Nasser El Sonbaty. . .about how we met and became, what I thought at the time, good friends. . . for this week's column, I will tell the full story so you can understand how surprised I was when I read about all the horrific lies he told about my wife and me in his interview on bodybuilding.com. To this day I don't understand why he focused on bashing me for no apparent reason, especially after how hospitable and kind my wife and I were to him when he came to Toronto in the winter of 1995.


The Kovacian Corner: Why Bodybuilders Should Practice Their Posing!

greg-kovacs2Bodybuilding and posing. These 2 words used to be synonymous but over the past several years, as the physiques have evolved, it has changed drastically from the good old days when posing and physically displaying the body as a classical art form with ease and grace was an important and emphasized part of the bodybuilding equation. Now the routines of the top athletes are nothing more than hitting some hard muscle shots and wandering from one side of the stage to the other. There are a few athletes in the current crop that are exceptions to this rule but, as a whole, it seems to be the case.


Return of The Kovacian!

ThinkingHello my friends; Greg Kovacs here. Since this is my first article for RX Muscle I'll be discussing the past few years that I've been absent from the sport of bodybuilding as a form of "therapy", of sorts, for myself. I'm documenting for my fans, haters and anyone else who cares to read this article, the mistakes, failures and hardships I've been dealing with in my life. I'll be sending it off all this negativity; letting it go from my heart and mind . . . leaving it all behind me.


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