RX Rising Muscle Interview With Milan Sadek

With just a fe74b751934e74fd774fd0a00c0fd6d373w days before the IFBB EVL’s Prague Pro October 4th, why not check out one of the promising rising talents of the Czech Republic.

Our next guest is chasing an IFBB Pro card to enter the greatest pro stages of the world. Let’s welcome the winner of the up to 100 kg class of the 2014 Arnold Amateur, Milan Sadek, to Rx Rising Muscle!

Country: Czech Republic
City: Zlín
Age: 25
Occupation: Personal fitness trainer
Height: 176 cm
Weight On/Off: on 95kg / 215 lbs., off 105kg / 225 lbs.

RX: Milan, would you like to tell us how you got involved in the sport of bodybuilding and how long you have been training?
MS: I started my training at age 12 and I participated in my first bodybuilding competition in 2013 where I finished 2nd and realized that I was so close to being the number 1. And from that time bodybuilding became my lifestyle. But the 2nd place is something like my curse. Two times I was second at the world championship in junior classic bodybuilding. This year I won Olympia Amateur Europe but I placed 2nd at overall and didn’t became a pro.

Now I am 25, so I have been training for almost 14 years. And why I started going to the gym? That is simple – because my dad was always a muscular and I admired him and wanted to be as different as he was. He was teaching me how to train with weights and I liked it because there is only me who can influence the result of my work unlike the team sports.

RX: What are the main thoughts and values about bodybuilding among Czech people, from your perspective?
MS: Bodybuilding is not very popular among all people in Czech Republic. Support is very small compared to other sports and I am very happy that I have some people around me that help me. But from a general point of view, bodybuilding is still a minor sport and it is not interesting for the public. That is the reason why I want to win a pro card so much, because my goal is to move to USA when there will be an opportunity.

RX: I know you won your class up to 100 kg / 220 at the Olympia amateur – you held a tremendous condition and g51366f9f5b4f5ae1cde908e4b5c05ac5reat size in this class, congratulations.
Roman Fritz topped you at first place in the overall by just three points – and that meant no pro card this time – the natural question is what your next main goals are?
MS: Oh, thanks… Well, as you said, I won my class but I lost my pro card which was the most important thing for me. It means that the main goal is winning my pro card. But the overall battle was great and I lost it closely to a very great bodybuilder, Roman Fritz.

I had some tough times in my personal life during my contest prep so I need to do some things first and rest for a while. That is the reason why I will compete in the year 2015, probably at the Arnold Amateur Europe where I try to fight for pro card.

RX: How woul1959402 864023916945494 3839953749861571292 nd you describe your training style in the gym?
MS: I started to work with two trainers which are Marian Čambal (212 IFBB PRO) and Igor Kopček (he runs Eastlabs.sk). In contest prep I trained extremely intense; my rest times between sets were 10-15 seconds and I did supersets for every muscle. Now in offseason my training is very different. Every 6-8 weeks I have a different training routine. Currently I do a modified bear routine.

RX: What does a day in Milan’s life look like?
MS: I work as a personal trainer so I spend all my days in the gym training people or doing my training. In the evening I like watching movies or just spending time with my girlfriend, when I had… At the weekends I have seminars or just have a few days to rest at home.

RX: Which are your favorite movies and why do you enjoy them exactly?
MS: Well, I like many kinds of movies, but I prefer action movies. As a young kid I loved every Arnold movie, he was my favorite actor and he still is. Also every actor from Expendables I like as well. Movies mean for me some kind of fun after exhausting day when I want to turn my head off. And my favorite movie is Generation Iron. By the way, I really like training videos. During my contest prep before Olympia I have seen Flex Lewis – At the Mr. Olympia 212 Showdown about 20 times. 

RX: If there is anything you want to apodpisovka5dd or someone you would like to thank, please feel free to do.
MS: I would like to thank Rx Muscle for this interview and for doing Heavy Muscle Radio which I listen during driving a car. I also want to thank to the whole AMIX NUTRITION, they are helping me so much and our AMIX TEAM is amazing. Members of our TEAM are IFBB PRO Katerina Kyptova, IFBB PRO Bikini Nikola Weiterova, IFBB Pro Dennis Wolf – congrats for 4th place, and IFBB PRO Marian Čambal, who is also one of my trainers. And I can’t forget our Ondra Cecetka, who helps all of us from AMIX.

Great thanks comes to NEBBIA clothes wear, they released my collection after winning Olympia Amateur.

I want to mention my great trainers Igor Kopček and Marian Čambal; they helped me with prep for Olympia and their coaching did amazing things to me. My body changed rapidly and peaked my shape perfectly. We are going to cooperate further, so I am looking forward to next contest prep with these experts.

The person who helped me during the contest prep most is my ex-girlfriend, she was my greatest support. Thank you, Jana.
Now I want to congratulate my friend Flex Lewis on winning the Olympia! He is a great inspiration for me.

And I can’t forget all my fans; thank you guys! You can follow me at my Facebook page: facebook.com/MilanSadekBodybuilder and on Instagram: sadekmilda

Thank you for the interview, Milan. With your momentum and genetics I would not be surprised to see you on the pro stages in the near future. Everyone on Rx Muscle wishes you all of the best in the future of your career.


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