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fj-slide-400This time we take a trip to Halmstad – a city on the west coast of Sweden. We are here to meet up with a young and dedicated bodybuilder on the rise to greater success. He recently won the Junior Nationals in Sweden and has greater goals in the near future.

We welcome Swedish prodigy Fredrik Jönsson to Rx Rising Muscle!

Country: Sweden
City: Halmstad
Age: 23
Born: June 9, 1991
Height: 5'7" / 172cm
Occupation: Bodybuilding, nutrition, training – helping others!

Weight on / off: Last competition, Swedish National's weigh-in was 183 lbs. / 83.8kg. Have not been off-season since February, so I actually don't know my off-season weight. Started my diet in February at around 200 lbs. / 91kg.

Bodybuilding Titles: First competition: Junior Bodybuilding Luciapokalen 2012: 2nd place 176 lbs. / -80kg category.

Second competition: Swedish Junior Nationals 2013: 1st place in open category.

Third competition: European Nationals 2014: 7th place in +75kg (open category) (ALL OUT OF SHAPE).

Fourth competition: Swedish Junior Nationals 2014: 1st place in +75kg and won the overall.

RX: Fredrik, could you explain for us how you got involved in bodybuilding?

FJ: My brother was diagnosed with cancer and when he got rid of it he took a challenge to do a bodybuilding competition winter 2011 at Luciapokalen and completed it. And that made me interested and I started going to the gym working out. And one day, I think it was like 10 weeks before Luciapokalen 2012, my friend told me he can get a coach for me to do the competition and I said okay let's try. So I started dieting 8 weeks before the competition with cheat day every Saturday and ended up 2nd place in my category, and after that I was sold!

RX: How far do you want to go in your career; do you have any specific goals?

FJ: I want to take it as far as I possibly can; I love this lifestyle and the feeling of standing on the stage!

My next goal is junior world championship in Mexico 4th October and I have pretty high expectations and goals for that competition as my main goal is to be better every time I step on stage... harder, bigger, better in every way! Future goals: I want to become a Professional bodybuilder and hopefully one of the best.

fj1-400RX: What does your training schedule look like each week?

FJ: Me and my coach mix my training a lot and change it pretty often but right now two workouts every day (not leg days):

Monday: 1st w/o: Shoulders and 25min cardio after, 2nd w/o: Arms and 25min cardio
Tuesday: Morning cardio 45min before breakfast, Workout: Legs
Wednesday: 1st w/o: Back and 25min cardio after, 2nd w/o: Chest and 25min cardio
Thursday: 1st w/o: Shoulders and 25min cardio after, 2nd w/o: Arms and 25min cardio
Friday: Morning cardio 45min before breakfast, Workout: Legs
Saturday: 1st w/o: Back and 25min cardio after, 2nd w/o: Chest and 25min cardio
Sunday: Cardio before breakfast 45-60min.

Abs and calves every other day or as often as I can.

RX: When it comes to training styles during workouts – how would you describe yours?

FJ: Right now we do pretty much high-rep training with a lot of drop-sets and supersets, everything to get a lot of blood in to the muscle, chasing the pump!

RX: What does your diet look like?

FJ: I have different food-amount almost every day. My coach gives me how much protein and carbs I'm allowed to eat every day for the next 3-4 days and I count and split every meal how I like it. And the food I'm using is usually... breakfast: 100g oatmeal (depends on how much carbs I'm allowed to eat that day), 8 egg whites, 1 whole egg. The other 5 meals (rest of the day): codfish (whitefish) and rice. Some days we put in red meat in some meals. Some days I fill up and have free-amount of carbs and 0 protein, and the carb-source I'm allowed to use these days: fruit, rice, sweet potatoes, potato and oatmeal. Some days I have 0 carbs and high protein. My food amount every day depends on my current shape and weight.

RX: Which are your favorite hobbies and interests outside training?

FJ: As I'm a former motocross rider, I love to watch that when I get some time off. Other than that is spending time with my girlfriend and friends, go to the cinema, eat some nice food, just take it easy and chill out! (I LOVE to sleep) haha!

fj2-400RX: What does bodybuilding mean to you? Feel free to express yourself.

FJ: Bodybuilding means a lot to me. It has really made me grow as a person in every way, physically, mentally, in every possible way you can think of.

Everything I do revolves around bodybuilding, from when I wake up in the morning till I go to sleep at night; I believe that if you have a goal and want the best results to get there you have to be ready to do what it takes.

RX: Fredrik, can you give us your top five predictions for the Mr. Olympia open class?

FJ: Sure, 1 Phil easy, 2 Wolf or Kai, 3 wolf or Kai, 4 Dexter, 5 Cedric McMillan.

RX: In the round up, is there anything you would like to add or someone you would like to thank, please feel do so.

FJ: First of all, I would like to thank my girlfriend for always being there for me, believing in
me and supporting me every day through thick and thin.

My Coach: Vladimir Pajic.

And family and friends.

A big thanks to all my sponsors for believing in me and giving me the chance to do what I love to do: Sizeandsymmetry bodybuilding, Offseasonapparel, Gladius Fitness, Ultimate Gym, Protreatment, Hairtasfrisörer, Klippteknik, Västkustägg, Restaurang Västergök, Restaurang Magasinet Slottsmöllan, Håkan Bengtsson-Kiropraktor, Spelings Pizzeria.

All my fans and followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Please follow my journey towards all my goals and competitions:

Sizeandsymmetry website:

Facebook: Sizeandsymmetry athlete Fredrik Jönsson


Thanks to Rx Muscle for giving me this opportunity!

fj4-400Right back at you, Fredrik! Thanks for doing this interview with us on RX Rising Muscle. We are looking forward to see what the future might hold for you in your bodybuilding career.

Photo credits:
Competition photos Alex Danielsson, Tyngre.se
Black and white: Niklas Westermark
Gym photos: Vladimir Pajic

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