RX Rising Muscle: Sergio Oliva Jr.

sergio-article400aAge: 29
Country: US
State: Illinois
City: Chicago
Occupation: Personal trainer
Height: 6 ft
Weight: (on / off) 250 lbs. / 310 lbs.

Coming from one of the best gene pools that ever existed in bodybuilding, it’s almost impossible to think the son of the Great Sergio “The Myth” Oliva would not be tempted to try his own wings in the sport. This is, of course, what our next athlete in Rx Rising Muscle has done. Sergio Oliva Jr. is on a mission – walking in his father’s footsteps – to become a professional bodybuilder himself one day. He works hard and is very dedicated to reaching his dreams.

Let’s welcome Sergio Oliva Jr. for a new episode of Rx Rising Muscle!

RX: Sergio, how old were you when you started to train?

SO: I was 19 almost 20 before I evenDSC 1217 JILEDKEISQ touched a weight. I ran track and had track scholarships. But it just clicked one day I was tired of running and tired of being 6ft 145lbs. I gained 30 lbs. my first three months lifting. That's when I knew my body was meant to train.

RX: You have heritage in Cuba because of your father, the great Sergio Oliva Senior, of course. Have you had any chance to go there?

SO: I have not been to Cuba. I have tons of family, but I want to learn better Spanish first and wait until Castro’s gone. He did try to kill my dad when he escaped. Having the same name I don't feel that great going back juuuuuust yet.

RX: How far do you want to go in the future of your bodybuilding career? Do you have a specific goal in mind?

SO: What child that is the youngest to be on an Olympia stage [at the 1984 Mr. Olympia as a newborn], starts to compete, and doesn't strive to be on that stage again?! I'm so focused on learning my body and getting that pro card that's not even on my mind. But of course that has to be the eventual goal. Anything less is a failure.

RX: Who are your favorite bodybuilders of the modern era? Is there anyone you look up to?

SO: Favorite bodybuilder of this era has to be Phil, of course. I like Cedric and Flex a lot, but my favorite era of bodybuilding is the ‘90s. The Kevin Levrone, Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray, and Lee Labrada era was what I think was the best physiques.

RX: Do you have any funny storiimage (3)es to tell us that happened during your years of training in the gym?

SO: Funny story… when I went to Comic-Con last year and they let me in without paying cause they thought I was part of it… I wasn’t wearing a costume.

RX: Where in life is Sergio Olivia Jr. in eight years?

SO: In eight years I've gotten my pro card, stepped on the Olympia stage, and am now competing for the win at the Arnold classic.

RX: Can you please give us your top five prediction for this year’s Mr. Olympia?

SO: My top 5 are 1st-Phil, 2nd-Kai, 3rd-Dennis wolf, 4th-Shawn Rhoden, 5th-Big Ramy.

In the round up, if there is anyone you would like to thank or something you might want to add, please feel free to do so.

I'd like to thank my sponsor Labrada Nutrition.

Sergio, thank you for participating in RX Rising Muscle. We wish you all the best and are looking forward to seeing you achieving your goals and becoming an IFBB Pro in the near future.

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