Rising Muscle #3: Michelle Richards and Lucinda Keily of Forever Fit!

Our next stop in the Rising unnamed (3)Muscle series is Australia. This time it’s not one athlete but two! They are both bikini fitness competitors and two of the frontrunners of the division in Australia. Recently they got an invitation to come to Madrid, Spain to compete at the Arnold Classic Amateur in September. They are also both colleagues in their own coaching project, Forever Fit.
Let’s welcome Michelle Richards and Lucinda Kelly for an interview with Rx Rising Muscle.

Michelle Richards
Country: Australia
City: Adelaide
Height: 5’4” / 163 cm
Occupation: coaching in fitness and health

Lucinda Keily
Country: AustraliaLucinda Keily (2)
City: Melbourne
Age: 25
Height: 5’8” / 173 cm
Occupation: coaching in fitness and health


RX: How did you two meet and what made you decide to start the project Forever Fit?
FF: Lucinda Keily sourced me out as her trainer and coach to help prep her for a fitness competition here in Adelaide back in 2013. She started training with me five days a week in the lead up to the competition. Over that time we became close friends, started training together and the rest is history. We ended up both winning our divisions at the state show and both won Overall Titles in Bikini and Fitness.
We both share a love for health and fitness and naturally we wanted to share that passion with others and that’s pretty much how Forever Fit got started. We now run a successful coaching business and are coaching clients all around Australia and around the world. It’s the most rewarding job helping improve the quality of people’s lives and seeing them happy.

RX: If there is one, what is the biggest misconception when it comes to bikini competitors?
FF: People underestimate how hard a Bikini model has to work to get into shape. The many hours dedicated to training, cardio and the discipline of sticking to a food plan 100%. It’s not for the faint hearted and not everyone has it in them.

RX: What is the best thing about being on stage and competing?
FF: The best thing about being on stage is that it’s your moment to celebrate all your hard work. You get all prettied up out of your gym clothes and get to share your achievement with your friends and loved ones. Most importantly of all it’s a fun day. It is an experience like no other.

RX: MichellMichelle Robertse, can you tell us a bit about your training background?
FF: I’ve been a personal trainer for the past three years. I’m Metabolic Precision trained and also BioPrint/ Biosignature trained.
I always seek to develop my knowledge in the fitness and health world because it is always developing and there is so much information out there to learn to make you an even better trainer.
I train 5-6 days a week. I like to mix up my training, from heavy compound exercises to isolated high-rep training. I also like to add in lots of drop sets and supersets. I’m always trying to up the intensity and shock my body.

RX: Lucinda, the same question for you.

FF: I’ve been a personal trainer for two years. I’m Metabolic Precision trained and also BioPrint/ Biosignature trained.
I train six days a week, I always mix up my training, and add in that extra bit of edge. I’m always pushing my boundaries. The way I see it is if it’s not challenging me it’s not changing me.

RX: You recently competed in bikini fitness; could you please tell us about this experience and how you placed?
FF: We both just recently competed in the IFBB All Female Classic. I won my class and was also chosen to compete in the Arnold Classic Europe expenses paid this September. Lucinda came second in her class and has also been invited to compete in the Arnold Classic Europe. We are both so excited and happy that we get to share this experience together. We’re taking our training and prep leading into this event to a whole new level of drive and hunger to achieve our best. Having both just come back from a successful show, our motivation is through the roof.

RX: Do you have any advice for women who wunnamed (4)ant to compete in bikini in the future?
FF: Do it! It’s an amazing experience. It does require a lot of dedication, willpower, and some sacrifice, but it is so worth it. It’s such a rewarding experience.

RX: In the round up, if there is anyone you would like to thank or something you might want to add, feel free to do so.
FF: We would like to thank our sponsors! FLUSH FITNESS for supplying us with the best supplement products and always supporting us towards making all these opportunities possible. Australian Muscle and The Gym for creating the best place in Adelaide to train, best environment and community, so awesome to be a part of it. Sports Hypnotherapist, Ben Whitehouse for helping us with our mindset. SunTanON, Wayne Wilson for supplying us with the best stage tan. Homer Kakalias, our travel agent for helping with all our travels. Green Tea X50.

Thank you for the interview Michelle and Lucinda. Everyone from Rx wishes you all the best in the future and especially at the Arnold Classic in Madrid. I hope we will get a chance to catch up after the show to see if you got your pro cards and also what the experience felt like.


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