Q&A with Dave Palumbo for Women: November 18, 2010

QUESTION: I follow Pauline Nordin's Fighter Diet on Facebook and some of the stuff she posts I question....what's your opinion on this? Wouldn't you want to absorb more fat anyway? Isn't that kind of the point if you're taking it in?


Fighter Diet Nuts are better choice than nut butters. I believe more calories get lost and undigested in nuts. Nut butters are almost predigested due to the smooth texture, meaning you should absorb way more fat from those than from whole nuts. The intestine spits some out when you give it some hard to chew on nuts;-)

DP: If you chew your nuts like a human being, the nuts essentially become nut butters in your intestines, so this analogy is not very accurate. I would have to say that NUT BUTTER and WHOLE NUTS are both absorbed at the same rate.

QUESTION: Dave...I am 1.5 wks out from a figure show. I've had problems with constipation throughout my prep, but have it taken care of. For my previous shows I've dropped veggies and sugar free metamucil starting 4 days before the show. I'm a little nervous about this with my previous problems. Do you think it would be harmful to leave them in the last 4 days or would it be better to go with a colon cleanse?

DP: Why are you dropping your veggies and fiber supplement? I have my athletes take their fiber supplement 3x per day on the day before the show to ensure that they don't get constipated once carbs or additional fats are adding into the diet. Never stop your fiber supplement! If you look great a week out from your show, the less you change the better!

QUESTION: Hello dave .. i have been on the isageneixs cleanse and looking to get off the pills n junk ! i am looking to start this diet tomorrow so i am a lil concerned since i am a vegan ... first i weigh 135 lbs at 5'6 and want to get to my 120 lb goal ;-) so i plan on starting asap!
First. can i use unsweetened spur-itien shakes instead of whey ?
Second can i use tofu instead of meat?
Third what goals do you set for carbs/protein/fats a day ? And
Fourth, what supplements do you recommend? I am taking now apothe cherry 1 tbplsn a day for sleep ;-) and 2 fiber cleanse pills a day also i take calcium n mag and amulti thats all ,,, i am trying to to d thi natural and as clean naturally as possible .. any advice would be great and please let know as soon as you can since i want to start asap ... funny one of my co workers turned me on to this n now i want to start today ! haha also i do work out 5-7 days a week.. run 2-3 days and do a boot camp class 3 days a week wich is pretty intense .. i also am going to go back to yoga n place of running 2-3 days a week ... nd on my off days i walk ... thanx i anxiously await your reply

also how many grams protein ? calories? fats? carbs? a day
i listed all my foods it came to 1292 calories.. 46 fat ...61 carbs ...161 prtien ... i am 1333 lbs n 5'6 n wanting to get to my 120 goal ;-)

DP: Being an vegan, you'll have to use alternative protein powder sources (soy protein will probably be your obvious choice) and you'll have to use stuff like tofu in place of meats. In my estimation, you should keep protein high (1 to 1.5g per lb of bodyweight) and fat moderate (.5g per lb) and carbs as low as possible given your vegetarian sources of protein.

QUESTION: I've been a lurker for some time now, but decided to go ahead and post. I've recently gotten very serious about competing but i have a long way to go. I've recently dropped about 20lbs (in about 8 weeks) following a low carb/little to no fat diet and that worked really well, but I've sort of stalled out, and decided to finally bite the bullet and try Dave's keto diet for women. i have a few questions. First, I've looked for the suggestions on supps on this diet but i can't find it (as the earlier poster posted is it fish oil 3 caps 3x day and epo 1 cap 2x?) are there other recommended supps? Also, how do you feel about casein protein? Would this be a suitable substitute for the meal 5 shake? Also, I've been drinking jacked for a preworkout kick, and sciviations xtend during workouts, are these acceptable on the diet or no?

DP: I send this list of recommended supplements to all my clients. I feel they're exactly what we need to complement the foods we consume. Every suggestion is in this list for a definitive reason. As you'll see, over the years I've had SPECIES NUTRITION, little by little I've created a supplement to perfectly cater to my supplemental recommendations. Remember, these are only nutritional supplements. Sports performance supplements are another whole beast. They're not essential but many people like to use them in the regimens. Just to comment on CASEIN protein, don't waste your money! Why put crappy gas in a Ferrari?
SUPPLEMENTS: (take with meals)

JUICE PLUS+ contains all the valuable nutrients of whole fruits and vegetables-- without the sugar. Just four pills provide the equivalent of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. I take it just for the health benefits since as bodybuilders we don't eat enough fruits and veggies (too much sugar and too time consuming). Since I've been using the product, I haven't gotten sick once. Plus I feel that it increases my recovery time significantly (lots of phytonutrients). The link appears below. I like this company since this is their only product: https://www.juiceplus.com/nsa/pages/Home.soa?site=dp02724

(2) Calcium (with magnesium) 1500mg per day (as well as other essential minerals)

(3) Vitamin D: 2000IU 2x per day

*** Try my
MINERALYZE formula: It contains high levels of chelated (amino acid bound) calcium, magnesium, and other essential minerals such as iron (studies show that most athletes-- men and women-- are iron deficient which can lead to low RBC counts), zinc (helps raise testosterone levels), selenium (great antioxidant), iodide (important for proper thyroid function), copper, manganese, chromium (necessary for proper insulin sensitivity), molybdenum, potassium (necessary to maintain proper intramuscular fluid balance), boron, silica (great for the joints), Plus VITAMIN D (essential to pretty much every organ in your body).

(4) Evening Primrose oil (1300mg 2x per day)-essential GOOD OMEGA-6 fats

(5) Omega-3 Fish oil pills (Omega 3 fatty acids) 1000mg 3x per day

*** Try my Essential Fatty Acid Formula:
OMEGALYZE (it contains 2600mg Evening Primrose Oil and 3000mg Omega-3 Fish Oil per day-30 day supply in one bottle).


1. Glucosamine Sulfate 2000mg 2x per day (joints)
2. MSM 2000mg 2x per day (joints and tissue regeneration)

****Try my Joint Repair Formula:
ARTHROLYZE (it contains 2000mg Glucosamine Sulfate, 2000mg MSM, 500mg Chondroitin sulfate, and 3mg Boron per serving with 60 servings per bottle. That's enough for 2 servings per day for 30 days). This is the most potent joint repair product on the market.

FIBERLYZE: One of the only fiber supplements on the market to contain SOLUBLE as well as INSOLUBLE fiber.....and it tastes outrageously good! Take 1 serving 2x per day

QUESTION: I am new here and this is my first post. I wanted to try out your diet to lose a bit more BF. Eating Low carb now and would like to change things as I have come to a plateau.
The diet is based on 130 lb female, but how can i adjust it for me being at 116 lbs.
I am new to this, so sorry if I sound uneducated, It's cause I am and would like to learn.

DP: Without knowing more about you, I'd first recommend upping your cardio (time-wise) if you're even doing any. Second, you might need to cut back your protein portions about a ½ an ounce per meal.


QUESTION: Hey there! I'm new to your site and your diet and am excited to see changes! I'm not a competitor just wanna have a hot bod!

A couple questions. Does my weekly cheat meal have to be meal 5? Can it be meal 3 (lunch) or 4? Should it be on an off gym day?

I have recently switched my workouts to bootcamp style class, spinning, yoga, crossfit and kettlebells doing each once per week, 1 hr each. (Sometimes I double up on two classes in an evening or will do 2 cross fits in a week). Should I add carbs prior to any of these workouts or just wait and see how I will feel?

DP: When you cheat in the middle of the day, usually one of two things happens: (1) You continue to cheat all day or (2) You miss meals because you're so stuffed from the earlier cheat. If you can control these two pitfalls, enjoy your cheat meal any time!


QUESTION: Dave, is there a picture or video anywhere of Vince's Smart Ball attachment? I checked out his facebook page but there wasn't anything there. I messaged him and he said he may be changing the name of the attachment to Smart Grips (for obvious reasons..the internet being what it is) I love working with cables as well and have some tendon issues and this may be the answer.

DP: Here's a video interview where Vince Taylor demonstrates his SMART GRIPS:


QUESTION: I'm borderline diabetic/hypoglycemic . . . I have issues maintaining my blood sugar and have the shakes a lot. I'm starting to train for my first show; are there any diet dos or don'ts that I need to follow or know of that would be special for my blood sugar issues or should I be a-ok following a fairly normal eating plan like everyone else?

DP: When you follow a high protein/moderate fat/low carb diet, your blood sugars will never fall too low (go hypo) because your brain will be using ketones (fat) for fuel rather than carbs (glucose)

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