Q&A with Dave Palumbo- March 13, 2009

Can you prep alone on just one compound, such as test? Or do you think you need to stack it with tren or winny? If so, which is the preference, winny or tren? Of course this assuming diet is spot on and training is a given.

DP: Adding a second drug to the testosterone will prove to be more effective. It's the concept that 1+1=3. I recommend tren over winstrol.


Hi Dave, I'm kinda stuck... I'm following your offseason diet for the 200 pound bb. (i'm actually 191 pounds, 5'10'' and eat 6 meals per day 50g carbs over the first 5 meals). I know for a fact that I need to lower my carb intake as I barely see my abs. I want to get leaner but still want to gain lean muscle mass. Should I cut my carb intake in half? Btw, I've got a few bottles of testostolyze sitting on my counter which I plan on adding to my diet. Any help would be greatly appreciated

DP: You can't try to gain size and get leaner at the same time.  Pick one and focus on it.


Dave where can I get that species jacket you had on the pics with the wack pack and wwe? That jacket's hard

DP: I had those custom-made for the SPECIES athletes.  Anyone wishing to purchase one, can contact me privately.


I have a question about your Testostolyze product with Species.


When you stop taking it, is there any chance of your DHT and Estrogen levels rebounding and ending up higher than they were before you started taking the product? and how long will it usually take for them to return to normal?

Also if the rebounding is a possibility then how could it be avoided?

DP: There won't be a rebound, but your estrogen and DHT will increase back to what it originally was because you're no longer blocking them.


I'm 43 and just had my T levels checked. Total=233, Free=10.7 - so on the low side. I now have an appointment to speak to my doctor about replacement therapy. I admittedly know nothing about how to proceed as I've always been a natural athlete. My best guess is he'll prescribe 200mg Test Cypionate a week.


My question is, how or if this will effect my contest prep at this point (8 weeks out). Should I just wait until after the show to start this? Based on what little I've read, my main concern is water retention. Currently using Testolyze, and assuming that should that continue along with the therapy. It's a non-tested show, so no worries about that.

DP: It will only help your contest prep.  Water retention can always be managed with a diuretic.


Hey Dave please xplain how we take clen/t3 in a cycle . Now i know clen can be taken for 16-20 weeks at tapered up then back down in the end.


But how long can a person take t3?


And how do you take t3?


And can a person start taking clen/t3 at the beginning of cycle or should they wait 2-3 weeks after the test kicks in?

DP: You can start the fat burners at the start of the cycle. Start with 25mcg of T3 per day and gradually increase to a max of 75-100mcg per day.  Then taper back down after the show.


Hey Dave, How do I change my shipping address on the species site??? I've looked all over and can't find how to edit my shipping address. I can modify my personal information but shipping address is not available to edit. Thanks

DP: Email [email protected] and we will get it taken care of.


What did you enjoy most about competing?

DP:  I loved seeing how much I could change my body from contest to contest.


Can watercress and cabbage really help reduce estrogen?

How does it help? How much do you need to eat notice any changes.

DP:  Old wive's tales don't do much in the way of producing results.  If you want to effectively reduce estrogen, use an aromatase inhibitor like Arimidex, Femara, or the OTC ones like TESTOSTOLYZE or NOVEDEX XT.


Dave, when coming off a cycle is it best to use nolva or adex? The people that I've talked to said I would be making a huge mistake when using nolva. I hear adex would be better during and nolva is better after. Also if i need to use tadalafil, what would be the proper dosage?

DP: Nolvadex is useless for a male.  Use an aromatase inhibitor like Arimidex, Femara, or TESTOSTOLYZE. 

Tadalafil (or CIALIS) works best to increase errection at 20mg every 2-3 days.


Dave, we were watching The Biggest Loser on tv the other night and they had some expert on who said diet sodas thicken your waist and raises blood pressure. Something about it changes how your body metabolizes or something. My question is diet soda better than regular soda and would something like diet v8 splash be a better choice?

DP: There's nothing wrong with diet soda for losing weight. I used it and all my athletes use it.  These TV trainers are real idiots!  I wish they'd hire someone who knows what they're talking about.  Give them my number!..........lol


Cardio: I understand and agree that it's best done 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach due to insulin levels being at their lowest point which allows fat stores to be released as energy. In the morning I've been doing 50-70 minutes of low-intensity with only green tea extract, 7Keto DHEA and l-carnitine.


At times I can't get to the gym in the morning due to my work schedule so I do it after work in the late afternoon. My true question is...


Do you recommend cardio later in the day after meals have been consumed or should one just skip it all together to do it at the prime time of immediately upon awakening?

DP:  The best time for cardio is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  The second best time is post workout.  The reason is that your glycogen stores are lowest when depleted.  This results in the most utilization of stored bodyfat.


I am currently taking Entocort EC, Purinethol,and Colazal for ulcerative colitis. My question is, is there anything I can take to control the catabolic effect it has on my body?

DP:  Growth hormone!  


About cardio, when do you recommend to do it?


And if I have to do cardio at the gym when do you suggest I should do it, before or after my workout? And when should I drink my protein shake?

DP:  Cardio is done AFTER the workout and your meal is not consumed until after your done with the cardio component. 


What do you think about 2 week on/off and repeat cycles for non-competitive bodybuilders. For example, 2 weeks of high does test prop. or tren ace or even orals like d-bol? Bill Roberts, Nelson Montana and others preach these as safer and better.

Is this really a waste of time or do you think it has potential for LBM gains?

DP: I prefer consistent cycles using milder doses.  A 16 week cycle will yield steady and predictable gains with minimal sides if you manage it correctly.


whats your opinion on dnp for fat loss?

have u ever used it?

is it as effective as some say?

do many pro bb's use ?

DP: It's dangerous and not worth the risk.  Very few people use it because of the high danger.  I do NOT endorse the use of DNP and I will not assist anyone is using it due to the extreme danger associated with its usage.


Dave, I started your 200lb+ diet last week. I am 5 foot 11 and about 225 and am looking to lose 20-25 lbs. I had turf toe surgery 2 weeks ago and get my stitches out tomorrow. I play in a basketball tournament every summer which is about 16 weeks away. My plan is to continue my bodybuilding workouts and use basketball as my post workout cardio along with cardio only days. The low intensity training you advise for your diet is obviously much different from high intensity basketball. I saw that you had a different diet for MMA fighters which could be a somewhat similar cardio to basketball. The only difference I noted in the MMA diet was that an hour before fighting you advise of 2 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil. What is the significance of the coconut oil and would this diet work well for my goals for basketball training/bodybuilding or should I incorporate a small amount of carbs before playing basketball to fuel the high intense cardio yet keeping me in ketosis?

DP:  You need to experiment.  The reason people tell you to eat carbs for this type of exercise is because that's all people know.  Ketogenic diets have not been tested as often.


Dave, what do you believe is the best way to take GH.  Everyday, 5 on 2 off, 9 on 5 off or I heard of some taking higher doses 3 times per week

DP: I prefer a lower dose (2-4IU), long duration administration (6 months)


Hey Dave I have a question regarding Tren. Do u feel that tren used by itself would yield the same amount of gains per mg as test would? I know u are a fan of tren so it would be interesting to get your insight on this. Also if u could go behind some of the science if u say yes that would be greatly appreciated.

DP: Test is the most effective AAS.  There's not much science required.  Testosterone is the hormone your body naturally synthesizes and uses to build and repair muscle.  Tren is close, but over the long haul testosterone is safer and more effective.


1st: The last cycle I did, which was also my first caused me to break out (acne) on my back and chest pretty bad. I still carry the war wounds. I am going back on in about 4months when I get back to the real world. My situation is different though, as I didn't get any acne at all until I started post cycle. I was taking HCG and Clomid while coming off, so I was doing my post cycle (I can't remember dosages). Is it common to go through a cycle and have no acne at all and then break out when coming off? Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

DP:  Try to taper off slowly and make sure to stay on a DHT blocker.  My TESTOSTOLYZE product is ideal since it not only blocks estrogen; it also inhibits the DHT that can lead to acne.  Remember, a lot of bodybuilders jump onto the anti-estrogens after a cycle and DHT soars through the roof causing bad breakouts!

2nd: Kind of personal, but my wife was recently diagnosed with Hep B. She aquired it through a clinic here reusing needles to give flu shots(god love China). I have read everything I can about what she should be eating and it says to keep her protein down, but she wants to lose weight. What kind of diet would you recommend? Would your keto diet work with faster absorbing proteins, such as shakes and such instead of whole foods?, so as to take stress off the liver while still getting in enough protein? So more or less, more shakes, less actual food....... Any advice would be great, thanks

DP: My diet is safe for her.  She'll be eating moderate meals five times per day,  There should be no stress to her liver, kidneys, or other organs.


What do you feel about doing your training, not cardio, on an empty stomach 1st thing in the morning? Would that be too taxing on your muscle? Would that benefit your fat burning the rest of the day?

DP:  If you lift on an empty stomach, your body will break down lean muscle tissue and turn the amino acids into glucose to fuel your workouts.  NOT GOOD!  A pre-workout meal will give your body a nice steady supply of amino acids to utilize during weight training so that precious muscle won't be sacrificed.


I'm planning on 12 weeks test enanthate and tren acetate cycle...


My question is can i add accutane during and after the cycle? Is it safe? How many mg? Will accutane interfere with oral steroids?


Some people advise me to shoot tren acetate everyday... but can i do it 75mg every other day instead?

DP: I don't recommend taking orals with Accutane. It's way too much stress on the liver.  75mg of tren ace every other day is fine!


I recently purchased your Isolyze (Choc. Milk)...I've got to say that price was a factor in me holding off on buying your product. I opted for VPX Zero Carb. HOWEVER, after drinking your protein.....what a world of difference. It honestly feels like a notch above. Not to knock VPX...b/c I think they are a great company....but your Isolyze really is in a league of its own. I found that after I drank VPX Zero Carb, I felt nauseous and just a little sick to my stomach/bloated. Whereas with Isolyze...it goes right down w/ no problems.


Is it just a difference in purity? They are obviously both zero carb/zero fat....but one agrees w/ my body much btter

DP: They might use more preservatives, different flavorings/sweeteners, or even include some protein impurities (lactose?).  Since I haven't tested VPX's product, I can't say for sure what's causing it.  Jack Ewoc is a good guy was a high quality product line so I can't say for sure what's up.


The new Splenda with fiber says it has a Total Carbohydrate of 2g (Dietary fiber 1g, Soluble Fiber 1g) The ingredients label: Soluble corn fiber, sucrolose. There is no mention of maltodextrin on the box or anything else. Does this splenda pass for use on your diet? Can we use as much as we want without is affecting us as far as dieting goes?

DP: It seems like they merely added FIBER to the already existing SPLENDA formula.  The bottom line is that it still contains 1g of insulin-stimulating carbohydrate.  No good if you plan on using more than 5 of these packets per day (for women) and 7-10 for men.


What's Up Dave, first post here and thought I would toss it in your world famous thread.


You recommend EPO which gives you GLA, what are your thoughts on CLA? Does it have a place in your diet?

Borage Oil is suppose to be more concentrated than EPO for GLA, up to 5x. Would this throw your ratios out of order?


Also, How do you feel about Pumpkin Seeds as a source of Fat?

DP: My OMEGALYZE product contains CLAs from the Evening Primrose Oil I use in it.   I like PRIMROSE OIL because not only does it have the benefits of GLA, it also has healing properties, hormone-balancing attributes, and mood stabilizing effects.


Pumpkin Seeds are another healthy omega-6 fat that could technically be used in the diet.


Hey Dave, I am applying at a gym up here in Canada, and they were asking about your SMART Certification (i'm doing it now) and the owner was asking about what the certification covers you insurance wise?

DP:  The certification is to train you in being a personal trainer.  The insurance you purchase as a trainer is what covers you against liability.


I have a stubborn chest, which seems to have lost symmetry in the pec major (right side larger) over months of training. I do dumbbell incline so am unsure as to why this has happened...


Any thoughts/ways of bringing up a stubborn chest? Tips to regain symmetry?

DP: Try unilateral exercises on hammer strength machines. 


Dave, why does farm raised salmon have a much higher percentage of fat than wild salmon? Thanks

DP: The fish food they feed them in their restricted, controlled, environment allows them to get fat (storing the wrong type of fats, as well).


I just got back from Stop&Shop and wanted to edit my above post(#498), but could not, to include:


Almonds/Cashews/Walnuts are preferred over peanuts in terms of nuts for you diet, so would an all natural cashew butter or almond butter be better than the all natural peanut butter in terms of nut butters to pair with the Whey? Hoping for the cashew it is about $4-$5 cheaper than the almond, still picked up some Teddy's All Nat PB.


Also ventured down the oil isle and grap some more Macadamia Oil and Toasted Sesame Oil caught my eye today, any thoughts?

DP: Almond butters or cashew butters are fine.  Stick with the macadamia nut oil since it's superior to the sesame oil.


Thanks for your last reply Dave. I'd hate to ask you another question but I would really appreciate it if you could answer this one: Last week, I had a allergic reaction to something and it caused me to break out in hives. Now, it may be that I'm allergic to peanut butter and/or nuts of any kind. How will I be able to modify your diet to accommodate this health concern? Also, my contest is 5 weeks and already, there have been some complications (including this one) and I have doubts of whether or not I should enter the contest since there have been so many fuck-ups. It's my first contest and I've already been behind on schedule. I really don't want to give up yet but with having deal with this along with other things, causing me to make further modifications, I just don't know. Please provide me with some feedback.

DP:  To be safe, drop the nuts and substitute macadamia nut oil or extra virgin olive oil.  You have 5 weeks left; get re-focused.


Hey Dave i have asked this question around a lot but everybody doesn't really know what to do. I have no stretch in my right pec .Even a door way stretch nothing .I have been going to chiropractor and i got a massage last week to try and make it less tight. Do u have any ideas i could do to help me get a stretch back! Thank you very much i really need to figure something out

DP: Try to wait to stretch it. Start off light with dumbbells and go to the bottom of the fly position; slowly let it stretch. If you're in total control and still feel no stretch, go up in weight.


Can slightly over-cooking fish alter the fat content at all? Also I noticed that at the store, they sell frozen ahi tuna, swordfish, and salmon, and on the nutrition facts for all three, the fat content says 1.5 grams for 4 oz. How can this be right?

DP: It shouldn't lower the fat content unless you're squeezing the oil out. 

They might have trimmed the fat to get the fat content down.  It might also be a crappier cut of the fish.


I just recently had surgery for the third time on my right shoulder. This time I was told that there is significant glenohumeral arthritis with most of the humeral head and a large percentage of the glenoid worn grade 3-4 with areas of bone exposure on both sides. The doctor warned me against any heavy lifting or risk shoulder replacement. Light weights (very) is ok.. I know you have numerous shoulder problems so my question is: What kind of safe weight training (if any) can I do without causing more damage (i.e., light weights, high reps, etc)?

DP: Listen to your body. Start out light and only add weight or reps if it feels ok. Your body will tell you what to do.


I was wondering how to determine whether or not the GH I got was legit. And if it is any good. I received some Hygetropin, the tops are blue. I have read that they come in 8 i.u vials, however i beleive these are 10 i.u's. Anyway of telling? the pucks are still solid and not broken up. Thanks in advance.

DP: The only way you can tell without testing it is to take a dose with no food and test your blood sugar.  The IGF-1 release after your shot of GH should cause your blood sugar to drop.


For nut oil, the only ones I can get here are almond oil & walnut oil, can i use these instead of macadamia nut oil?

DP: They're not as good and both spoil easily.  Macadamia nut oil has a better taste and a high cook point.  Order macadamia nut oil from www.speciesnutrition.com


Is it POSSIBLE to gain mass while supplementing with Lipolyze?

DP: Why would you take a supplement that wastes calories when you want to gain size? Save it for dieting.


Dave, I've seen your diet outline listed for someone who weighs 200+lbs.


How much diff would there be for someone who weighs 175 in the macros for the off season..???

DP: I keep telling you guys, just use the diet for a few weeks and see what happens. It works for just about everyone who loyally follows it. If you're not gaining enough, add calories. If you gain too much fat then reduce the carbs.


Dave, do you think that 280+ grams of protein is safe for someone who is 6 feet tall and weighs 155-157 pounds? I am trying to add mass and I'm following a 40/35/25 (C/P/F) macro breakdown with 3,200+ calories. Thank you

DP: Of course it's safe. It's what you need to grow.


Dave, is it necessary to add waxy maize to your shakes on off day? Should fats be used on off days instead?

DP: YES! A dd 1tbsp of macadamia nut oil to your shakes on the off days. The only time you should have it without fat is postworkout.


Dave, what is t3 and how exactly is it used as a fat burner? is it safe? Thanks

DP: T3 is the active thyroid hormone.  In the human body, T4 is converted to T3.  This stimulates your metabolism (calorie burning) and therefore fat loss.  It should never be used alone because it can and will waste muscle if you don't use clenbuterol and/or AAS/GH to spare the muscle.


Hi Dave i am just curious about the nut meal i have 1/3 cup of raw cashews everyday my results are going good right now, but i looked up the carb content for 1/3 cup of cashews in it says it has around 15 grams of carbs isn't that to much? Won't that knock me out of ketosis? if you have too many carbs in one sitting like this isn't that bad? my total carb count for the day is still only 30

DP: The diet plan assumes you're having 1/3 cup of nuts and it's designed to keep you in ketosis. As long as you follow the diet exactly, this isn't a problem.


So i have pretty weak legs compared to my upper body because I never worked them out on a consistent basis. I am starting to do that now but i can only leg press about 3 plates on each side and squat maybe a plate on each side. After i do legs, as soon as i start walking my quads cramp up. Really painful cramps. Is this normal for someone that has weak legs.. Or do i have a freaking muscular dystrophy or something down there... My friend just started squatting and he has already surpassed me.. IT pisses me off. What's going on

DP: You said it! The're weak because you didn't work on them consistently. They'll grow like the rest of your body if you work on them consistently and intensely.


What is your opinion at using 25 mcg t3 on a bulking diet with high protein, high good carbs and moderate to low fats?

Will it help with the protein metabolism along with AAS. Will it help keep the fat down to a maintainable level?

DP: It's counterproductive. You want to eat as much as you need to grow and not a ton more.  You can grow or you can cut; don't try to mix the two proceeses.


Can you please have look at this cycle, which I want to run precontest (bodybuilding)for 8 weeks? Your guidance will be greatly appreciated. I'm at 220 right now, aiming somewhere around 200 after dieting - folowing keto diet.

(I had start cycle 4 weeks ago on 500 mg Tprop and 30 mg of stanozolol orals)


500 mg test propionate weekly

100 mg trenbolone acetate EOD

100 mg stanozolol injection EOD

30 mg oxandrolone 3 weeks prior show

DP: You can drop the orals.  It's overkill and unnecessary. The rest looks fine.


I'm going to be having surgery on my right shoulder at the beginning of April. I have a lebrum tear that the doctor is arthroscopically fixing. I'll be in a sling for 6 weeks, and then doing rehab for a couple of months. It looks like I won't be lifting anything heavy for atleast 4-6 months after the surgery. I'm devestated to say the least. What would you do to keep as much muscle as possible during this time away from the gym? The only kind of exercise I'll be able to do is some leg machine work and light cardio.


Also, do you think dieting with your ketogenic diet during this time would be a bad idea since I can't weight train? If I can't get any bigger during this time, I'd like to atleast get low in bodyfat so I can look ripped for the summer!

DP: Do what you can and don't worry too much. The most important thing is to let it heal correctly.  The muscle will come back quickly.  My diet will be a good way to prevent fat gain.


1.What are your thoughts regarding the use of CISSUS?

DP: I don't like the NSAID like anti-inflammatory effects.  I believe it can inhibit muscle gains.


I have already been using Arthrolyze for some time now, but have read that CISSUS can help.


2. What are your thoughts on pre-work stacks or NO's??

DP:  NO's have not been show to increase performance in bodybuilders.  If you have the extra money to spend and you like the feeling, go for it!


If you have 4 weeks to cycle and are trying to gain some size with as little water retention as possible would you recommend test suspension or test prop with 50 mg of winny tabs ed?

DP:  The water retention from 250mg of testosterone enthanate or cypionate every other day is minimal. You might have some at first but your body will adjust.  This is easier and less painful with the same results.


Dave is it possible to just use novadex xt or formadrol for an ai during a cycle of test?

DP: Yes, it should be enough.  TESTOSTOLYZE would be another good choice since it reduces both estrogen and DHT.


How would you recommend that a person bring up their slower to grow side (I'm right handed and and my right quad is bigger than my left)


How would you recommend that a person bring their rear delts in line with their front and mid delts. Should I forgo training the front running muscles?

DP: Do more unilateral exercises and start with the weaker side first.  Train your rear delts hard and they'll catch up. I wouldn't lay off the rest of the muscle.

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