Q&A with Dave Palumbo

When using ketones as fuel, some get excreted as urine, does that mean the more water we drink the more fat we pee out while in ketosis,
is it more essential than normal to keep urine clear while in ketosis, to protect the kidneys.

DP: It's always important to stay well hydrated and when you are a low/no carb diet you require extra fluids to keep your electrolyzes and water in balance. Without the carbs to pull the water into the muscle it runs through the body quickly and it's important to keep replenishing fluids and salt.

i am going to run a 6 weeks of dbol 25-50 mg to prevent gyno again should i take an aromatase inhibitor for the whole 6 weeks if so how much a day. what should i take after the 6 weeks of bdol and is there anything i should take well using dbol and what do you think of dbol

DP: I am not a fan of oral steroids such as dbol...they are liver toxic and can blunt your appetite making it tough to grow. If you insist on taking it and you are prone to gyno, then take 1mg of Arimidex every other day.
What's up Dave or if I was Lonnie Teper I would call u dr.House
I respond really well to anabolics and get the results i want from only 20mgs a day of Turanabol for 6 weeks and I only do this twice a year. In my opinion this is a very safe way to enhance my results and I feel no side effects besides testicular athropy(sorry if spelled wrong)..Im I right or am I fooling myself??

DP: If you are getting results that you are satisfied with, then that is all that matters.
Dave...thanks again for all the incredible info you have provided for us...i just have a few questions...

1. I cant happen to find peanut butter with no sugar ....the ones i find have at least 1 gram of sugar....are those ok to use for the diet? if not...which brand do u use or recommend?

2. I have 100 .20mcg clen tablets...what would be the best way to dose it?

3. Can i use Myofusion as the protein of choice?...I know its not an isolate but its cheap and very very easy to drink...

1. You need to find an all natural peanut butter-- the only ingredients should be peanuts and salt.
2. Start with 20mcg 2x per day, every day. If your fat loss progress slows after about 3 weeks, you can add another 20mcg per day. Never exceed 120mcg per day.
3. I recommend a pure whey isolate as the best protein for bodybuilders.
Hi Dave, got a few questions on Synthol usage, if you could enlighten:

1. Is it ok to use augmentin while using Synthol?

2. After how much time can I expect to see measurable gains in my arms?

3. I am in the 2nd week of loading as per your advice, but it still pains and is affecting my workout. When will I be able to workout comfortably?

4. My right tricep hurts more and I noticed slight brusing near the elbow. Is this ok?

5. I am using a 22G 1.5in needle. Should I aspirate before injecting?

Thanks so much!

1. Yes
2. You will see a size increase after the first or second injection.
3. It should subside soon. 1-2 weeks is the norm.
4. You should be hitting the meatiest part of the tricep, right in the middle of the horseshow (nowhere near the elbow).
5. Sure.

i have been on your keto diet since dec 29th. as i am graduating from university this year, i am going on a trip to Cuba during february 14th until the 21st. this is somewhat unfortunate as I have worked hard to maintain discipline, but as the trip is all-inclusive I am sure the food will be garbage (carbs, alcohol, inadequate protein, etc.) i plan on restricting alcohol intake but I cannot guarantee that I will be eating <40g carbs per day or adequate protein.

should I just try and do damage control for a week and then jump immediately back onto the diet when I am back at school? is there some kind of way to compensate once I am back on (extra cardio)?

DP: If you're going to take a break from the diet then just forget about it. The next day, et right back on the diet plan. You can't make up for what you do; just move forward.
Dave, will clen cause anxiety or INCREASE anxiety for someone who already suffers from it?

DP: It can, but it usually only lasts 1-2 weeks

A friend of mine who was a professional bodybuilder commented me that Fenugreek is an excellent product
His words were: it produces strength and muscles gains while enhances sexual function.
This is accomplished by stimulating the adrenal cortex to produce androgens naturally. What do you think? Is it true? Have you had an experience with it? Have you tried it?

DP: It's been around for awhile and some people claim to have good results...I personally have not gotten any results nor known of any that have.
Anavar /Primobolan and PCT

If I use for 6 weeks :

200 mg of primobolan +

20mg of anavar

I need to make PCT?

The use of primobolan + anavar:

Do they generate liver problems?

Do they generate prostate problems?

In people over 40 is there a bigger problem , does it imply a bigger problem?

DP: This is a pretty mild cycle, but you might want to run a PCT to be safe. Side effects are mild, but if you are pre-disposed to any issues the drugs could cause a problem.
What do you think of this study? Does it hold any water?

DP: It's a weak study.
hey dave am just wondering why do competitors stop weight training and cardio a few days before a contest and if am not mistaken they also stop training legs like 1 week out from the contest??will that give them a fuller look,, and would it ruin their look and fullness if they train 1 day before the contest?? although I never competed but I always feel my muscles look fuller the day after I train them....
DP: You want to let your muscles fully heal and absorb the food you eat in the final days....this achieves the optimal combination of full muscles and cuts.
hey dave,
1. i have heard some people complaining 1mg finestaride along with arimidex 1mg every other day everyday with your drug cycle protocol compromises muscle gains? as i have read that dht competes with the free test at the adrogen receptor site....wud`nt it make sense to decrease the level of dht?
2. whats your take on proviron for its effects on SHBG levels should one consider administering proviron exclusively for its SHBG binding effects and increasing overall free test levels.
DP: 1. It might slow your gains, but it's really unlikely. More importantly, it's necessary to prevent the ugly side effects. 2. Proviron is weak and outdated in my mind.
Dave can you list what brands you recommend to get good quality.

fish oil
evening primrose oil
coral calcium
DP: SPECIES OMEGALYZE has the highest quality essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. And soon we'll have MINERALZE to meet your calcium, Vitamin D, and other mineral needs.
Thanks for always answering questions on the forum. I know it takes up a great deal of your time. I have gained a lot by reading through all your Q and A threads. I know people have asked a thousand questions (a lot of the same ones) regarding your relatively simple diet. As I scrolled through the threads there was one question I could not find.

Q: You recommend consuming Fiberlyze twice daily, First thing in the morning and before bed. Suppose I was using a stimulant based fat burner such as the Tri-Lean system. The recommendation on that product is to take first thing in the morning. It is my limited understanding that taking really any supplements around the same time as fiberlzye will lead to less than optimal absorption of supplements. A far amount of supplements are to be taken first thing in the morning, so similar issue. I have the same question regarding using fiberlzye nighttime with Chris Aceto's GH Accelerator.

Q: Would it be either optimal or safe to use a product like ALRI's Tri-lean system with your Lypolyze?
DP: Take the fiber with your first and last meal....if you need to, adjust these times based on your supplements. You can always take the fiber with the second meal if necessary. You don't need to stack LIPOLYZE with other fat burners. It's a great stand alone product.

Is there a protocol to wean off of daily aspirin 81mg therapy. My understanding is stopping cold turkey could raise your risk for stroke or blood clot etc. I have been on for about 6 mos and need to stop using due to surgery and a possible aspirin alergy.

DP: Nah, if you're taking FISH OIL pills, you can just stop it cold turkey..........Fish oil has anticoagulatn effect of its own. Always check with your doctor before stopping any medication.
something I dont see addressed a lot in any of the circles is skin therapy for people who have taken their BF from say 20's or 30's to the stage or for postpartum moms. what do you advise for increasing collagen production and skin tightening for someone interested in competing? thanks for your time.
DP: Growth Hormone really helps..........Vitamin C and unflavored geletin packets added to your protein shakes can help as well.
hey Dave is there any remedy to lowering test levels, so that i could go on testosterone legaly? although it wont be enough, i can always substitute it, its just that having a script would be legal and nice, especially when the uncertain circumstances arise. thanks
DP: I can't recommend doing anything to lower your test levels. If they're high enough already, then you don't need HRT.
hey dave,
i have been reading about muscle physiology and i am a bit confused about certain things.... so let me start with say.. a person does a 10 rep max set to failure, and the muscle group had 100 muscle fibers.

With the 1st "full range of motion rep" 10 muscle fibers were recruited and "x" number of microtraumas were produced now with every rep... 10 more fibers come into play producing causing "x" number microtraumas... and untill the person reaches failure at reps while using the SIZE principle of muscle recruitment...all the muscle fibers get recruited( ie slow twitch, fast twitch 1 and the 2)....
so overall "10x" micro trauma have been induced

1.now my que is if a person performs his reps with 70 of the full range of motion.... then does that mean only 7 muscle fibers get recruited per rep and microtrauma induced will be "x-3" and when he reaches failure at the end of 10 reps.....
only 70 muscle fibers were recruited and 10(x-3) microtraumas have been produced.

2.how does the all or none law come into play in all this?

wud appreciate

thank you

DP: Muscle function is individual and unique. No such formula exists. Everyone has a different combination of fiber types and recruitment patterns. You have to learn your body through experimentation.

hey dave,
what is the reason for CNS overtraining?

is it that with every week person tries to increase his lifting poundages... which means CNS has to increase its neurotransmittor release every week But the rate of reuptake resynthesis of acetyl choline remains the same...when this difference gets out of hand... no more strength gains occur mainly due to deficiency of neurotransmitter by CNS..no more strength gains = no more muscle gains... am i thinking correct.?

DP: You got it perfectly! No neurotransmitters means the muscle can't contract!
Hey Dave, I would very much appreciate your response to this question. In one of your episodes on offtopic radio, to talked about the coming wave of eating raw foods vs cooked foods. My pressing question is when you/they say raw chicken do they mean raw as in not even half cooked RAW WITH BLOOD DRIPPING??? Does this mean you might have to eat it out of the freezer?
DP: These people eat it RAW. I believe they have some very unique preparation techniques however to ensure there's no bacteria.
Dave do you have any experience with DNP? Is it common among pros?
DP: It's a very dangerous drug and I don't recommend it to anyone. From what I gathered from talking to people who've used it, if dosages are kept under 300mg per day, it's pretty safe. Even so, I don't think it's a necessary tool. After all, it really drains your ATP stores in the muscle making you weak and fatigued.
Dave, I got myself a inguinal hernia this week. Saw my doctor and waiting for the Surgeon's office to call me to set up an appointment there. So long story short it might take a while before I get the surgery (3-5 months or something like that). My questions are, since i can't train during this time (i was told by the doctor), what can I do to not loose too much strength/size while i patiently wait? Should I still keep the same diet? high protein, moderate fat, low carbs. Can I still train somethings in extreme moderation or should I just enjoy the time off?
DP: Eat a healthy diet with adequate protein and healthy fats and keep carbs to a minimum. Follow your doctor's recommendations about training.
1. is low intensity cardio better even when you aren't dieting and have a good amount of carbs in your diet?

2. which is better for the average person who just wants to have a healthy heart

1. It depends on your goals...if you are trying to keep your bodyfat in check, then low intensity cardio is fine. If you are looking to improve cardiovascular function or athletic performance you need to do other types of cardio.
2. A mix of low and moderate intensity cardio.
Hi Dave!
If you are doing your cardio right after your workout: is it better for fatloss if you shoot your hgh before the cardio and thus right after your workout?
Thanks for your time.
DP: Wait until after when you get some food in your system.
dave what do you think of collagen for knee pain??? I have been taking Glucosamine for a long time and it doesn't seem to be enough...do you think this is a good supplement http://www.genacol.ca/en/index.php/g...collagen-.html
DP: It probably won't do much...are you taking enough Glucosamine sulfate? You need 4000-8000mg per day.
Dave is it possible to eat only 4 whole omega 3 eggs for meal 1 like in meal 6?
because im finding it very difficult to down 5 whole n 4 whites..
DP: 4 whites is not that much food....make sure you are measuring correctly.
hi jumbo
pre workout if i have a shake with 40g of whey and 30g of fat, followed by 50-100g of oats(depending on what im training) with those fats by directed to fats store because of the carbs. and post workout is 60g whey and 50-100g of glucose, with no fats. then for my other 5 meals i use 50 protein and 30g of fats with no carbs, would this plan cause energy crashes?. would there be any difference in muscle growth if i replaced those carb calories with extra fats. or are carbs better?
thanks jumbo
DP: Try it and lets us know....it should help to keep bodyfat down.
Dave, on your keto diet i am consuming <30g carbs throughout the day, so would doing cardio at another time other than morning or postworkout still use fat to fuel the cardio session seeing as glycogen stores are still extremely low? Cheers
DP: Probably, but you eliminate any chance by doing it at those recommended times.
Hey dave when dieting for a contest or sometimes in the off season even, i experience severe constipation to the extent that i cannot go to the bathroom for 2-3 days. it got so bad i had to cancel competing 4 weeks out last yr. i tried everything: lots of fibre i.e greens (atleast 200g greens per meal), fibre supplements etc but nothing worked. i realise i had to keep carbs atleast 200g a day to stop this form happening. Do you have clients who experience this and what do you reccomend because my dream of competing at the highest level is not good at the moment! thanks you very much
DP: This is why I developed SPECIES Fiberlyze...take 2 servings every day for the rest of your life and you will be regular and never have to worry about colon cancer. This is critical for the dieting bodybuilder.
hi jumbo
i was reading info about ATP. and came across a supplement called peak ATP, it sounds good and the only top products that use the ingredient are gaspari's sizeon and his plasma jet supplement. I don't know if you have tried it, but what do you think. does it look good.
DP: I'm not convinced this does anything. Taking a form of ATP doesn't convince me that it elevates intramuscular ATP levels.

i am going to run my first cycle, 500mg Test E for 10 weeks.

I asked on here last year some time if you thought a cycle would aggrovate my eye probs (uveitis) and you said no but stay away from the clomid and just to use Arimidex and HCG.

I plan to use the test - then for PCT i'll use your HCG protocol of 5 shots of 2000iu E3D. when should I start the Arimidex and at what dose concidering im just using these two items?
DP: Use .5mg of Arimidex every other day to keep any estrogenic side effects at bay. Take it during the whole cycle and PCT.
I saw on your website your basic Diet/Nutrition advice is $200. I think it is great how you answer everybody's questions in Q and A regarding the diet. But I am wondering if the basic diet plan is what you have already posted? Is the $200 price tag justified? Will I get information on your KETO diet you have not posted? What is the real difference between the $200 plan and the $500?

DP: Based on what you tell me about yourself and your goals I will customize the plan. Remember, the diet and supplement program is posted for all to see for FREE. The benefit of the $500 program is that you get me as your coach for 16 weeks to tweak the diet and supplement plan so that your progress moves forward at the correct rate to get you in the shape of your life. Also, you have the ability to ask me unlimited questions throughout the 16 week period.
hey dave, do u think its ok to use use bacon as a source of fat when dieting?

Dave ,
How does AQUALYZE stack up against Dyazide for last day contest prep?
DP: It's the closest over the counter product you can get....I will not tell you it has the same effects, but its close and safer.
Dave ,
Also regarding Lypolize and Aquayze. Are there any drug interactions with prescript drugs and these products?
What is your recomended protocol for Aqualyze? The bottle states to use up to 7 days, is this needed?
DP: If you are using Aqualyze for a contest, take 2 pills with each meal starting the day before the contest. If you are using any prescription medication you need to check the interactions for that drug....it's your responsibility to find out whether a particular Rx drug will interact with any of the ingredients on the bottle.
What form/kind of cardio would you recommend to someone who has shin splints?
DP: Try the elliptical until it heals.

dave is there any benefit to combine your omegalyze with essensiale for liver protection or overall health? especially for gear users? and what dosage do you recommend? thanks
DP: I don't really think they are too many LIVER CLEANSER/DETOXIFIERS out there that are what I'd call necessary. Avoid oral steroids and prescription/OTC drugs that are liver toxic (tylenol/motrin) and your liver will be healthy for many years to come!

Q......dave when you start your carb loading when you're doing a contest ill add 30 grams of carbs to every meal about 1.5 days out as i fill up really quick, but while iam doing your cut diet shall i keep the fats the same when i add the carbs or shall i drop them a little thanks dave......
DP: Keep the fats the same.
Dave, What do you think of 7-Keto DHEA, and would it help during and or after a cycle?
DP: It has some mild effects on fat loss..........but nothing monumental!

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