What Part of the Day is Best to Have Cheat Meal?



Hey there! I'm new to your site and your diet and am excited to see changes! I'm not a competitor just wanna have a hot bod!

A couple questions. Does my weekly cheat meal have to be meal 5? Can it be meal 3 (lunch) or 4? Should it be on an off gym day?

I have recently switched my workouts to bootcamp style class, spinning, yoga, crossfit and kettlebells doing each once per week, 1 hr each. (Sometimes I double up on two classes in an evening or will do 2 cross fits in a week). Should I add carbs prior to any of these workouts or just wait and see how I will feel?

DP: When you cheat in the middle of the day, usually one of two things happens: (1) You continue to cheat all day or (2) You miss meals because you're so stuffed from the earlier cheat. If you can control these two pitfalls, enjoy your cheat meal any time!

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