Q & A with Dave Palumbo

Q&A with Dave Palumbo- March 3, 2009

I've been doing a little research of the Classic Keto Diet by John Hopkins university. I am simply amazed at how is help epileptic children. I also read that the ketones could help in a heart attack patient because the heart can use to ketones while being deprived of O2. Also how there is an increase in mitochondria within the brain and helps protect the nuro system. It also said that the body becomes acidic, and causes some bone breakdown? Again this is the classic keto diet with 90% of calories coming from fat. I know you have a list of recommended supplements while on your diet. But what would be the most important ones take? Top 5?


Q&A with Dave Palumbo- March 2, 2009

If someone has more lower body fat (on legs) which will cause more testosterone to convert to estrogen, would Yombine really be an effective supplement. If so, why will it help

DP: The theory was that a topical application of Yohimbine would target estrogen dependent fat cells (with high amounts of alpha-2 receptors on them.  Yohimbine blocks a-2 receptors and thus increased norepinephrine release.  This increases fat mobilization at the cellular level.  In the real world, some people respond to this treatment, some don't.


Q&A with Dave Palumbo- February 27, 2009

Every time I try to go high fat, I break out with acne.  Is this just my test levels increasing? Will the acne clear when the test levels stabilize?

DP:  The only dietary fats that'll make you break out (possibly) are saturated fats.  Essential fats and monosaturated fats actually make my skin look better.  What I notice (and I'm prone to acne) is that sugars, chocolate, and deep fried foods make me break out.  Clean fats (essential and monounsaturated fats like macadamia nut oil) keep my skin clear........ Sometimes spiking testosterone and thus DHT levels will cause acne breakouts; especially if you're taking an anti-aromatase.  Remember, if you decrease estrogen, you'll increase DHT.  My TESTOSTOYLZE product lower both estrogen and DHT and thus will reduce the likelihood of acne..


Q&A with Dave Palumbo- February 20, 2009

If I am not mistaken, you don't recommend stimulants because they raise cortisol levels? Why is it recommended that one should use caffeine to aid in weight loss? Is using a stimulant counterproductive for maintaining lean mass while dieting?

DP:  People like the feeling of stimulants; and caffeine does have a benefit for weight loss but the concomitant increases in cortisol (a catabolic steroid that breaks down muscle, suppresses the immune system, and causes increases in abdominal fat deposition), blood pressure, and cardiac risk profiles, don't make it worth it.


Q&A with Dave Palumbo- February 17, 2008

First off, hurray for a real NO BULL site again!

Dave, my question is how exactly does it feel to be in ketosis? i tried to stay low/no carbs and it just felt odd, i felt flat but i did notice some fat loss and 2nd, is there any science behind HUGE cravings for red meat while on a low/no carb diet? i seemed to wanna eat that shit by the lb, a far cry from my love for chicken


Dave Palumbo Q&A- February 14, 2009

I just downed a muscle milk RTD and before I tossed the empty box, I looked at the ingredients and noticed the source of the carbs is Fructose. Should I be avoiding this product at all times?


Dave Palumbo Q&A- February 13, 2009

Is it ok to incorporate P/V days from the start of the diet?

3 P/F days, 1 P/V day, then repeat?


Dave Palumbo Q&A- February 11, 2009

Have seen some ttokkyo stuff out of Mexico recently...Has all the looks of BS, and I know they're out of business so it's another lab I guess, but have you seen it tested? Enanthate specifically.....Lots of crap down there I haven't seen before...Do you or John know the scoop on the border scene? I remember reading John saying it was all crap in a MD article


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