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Top Bodybuilding Apps: What you need on your Smartphones in the Gym

bodybuildingapps2In the body building world, dedication is everything. That is because any lifter worth his or her salt knows that it takes continuous hard work to remain steadfast to a particular low-carb diet, to work through some of the pain, to show up at the gym whenever your schedule dictates, and to continually work on form, breathing technique, and concentration. Building muscle mass is both a science and an art, a discipline and a lifestyle.

Staying on Top

A big part of cutting down on percentages of body fat and increasing your ratio of lean muscle so that you can get that defined, chiselled look that everyone wants is to know what you are doing. The scientific part of bodybuilding means knowing how to eat, knowing proper form so as not to hurt yourself, and knowing how much to push yourself. Reading books and websites is essential as is having a physical trainer in the beginning, but for other purposes, like tracking, or referencing a particular exercise, or proper form, having an app on your phone is handy.

Chances are you will like listening to music to get into the zone, or killing time resting with some free mobile bingo, so why not maximize your use for that device with a great body building app? Let’s take a look at some of the top apps available to increase your overall experience lifting weights.

JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log

One of the consensus overall best apps, this has a high user ranking score on the Google Play store for a reason. Keeping track of workouts offers a huge boost: not only can you see how often you are going and use that as motivation to either stay on task or get back on track, but you can see progression with the number of reps, sets, and amount of weight lifted each time for various exercises. This benchmark will undoubtedly push you to better yourself. Among other features, the JEFIT app boasts a timer, a database of various exercises to choose from and inspire new exercises for a certain group of muscles you’re trying to build, or tracking for BMI, weight, and muscle size. The best part is, this is available for owners of both Apple and Android devices.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

This app, created by MyFitnessPal, does what it says it does: it helps with your diet by counting calories. But it stands out for its ginormous food database, which helps you count more accurately. Good for cutting down excess weight or those focusing on strength.

You Are Your Own Gym

If you have ever been traveling somewhere without a gym, you know that can be a slight interruption to your normal workout routine. With this app, you no longer have any excuses. Full of fitness factoids and over 200 video demonstrations of exercises you can do for body-weight only workouts, this may not represent the ideal of a gym with thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment, but it is a great substitute.


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