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Kevin Ofurum Destroys Delts: Rx Muscle Exclusive

kevin1Summer is finally here and that means gym rats everywhere are ditching their smelly sweat-soaked hoodies in favor of short sleeves to show off what they’ve been busy building over what seemed to be a never-ending winter.


Lighter Load Training for Strength and Muscle Hypertrophy

NatabsLighter Load Training for Strength and Muscle Hypertrophy

By Vic Tringali M.S. CSCS

Intensity or “load” in the context of research is defined as a percentage of 1 repetition max (RM) and represents the number of repetitions that can be performed with a given weight or resistance. Intensity has been shown to impact muscle hypertrophy and is a significantly important variable in a resistance training protocol.


Good Rice, Bad Rice (Brown vs. White)

good badGood Rice, Bad Rice (Brown vs. White)


For years, the fitness industry has demonized white rice, labeling brown rice as the “clean, healthy, good one”, while white rice is “dirty, unhealthy and bad”.

Many will claim that if you’re trying to lose fat, build muscle, prevent fat accumulation, or improve performance brown rice is the better choice and white rice should be avoided for a myriad of reasons.


Shock-Absorbing "Goo" Discovered in Bone!

Bones-590x330New findings show that much of the mineral from which bone is made consists of 'goo' trapped between tiny crystals, allowing movement between them. It is this flexibility that stops bones from shattering.


Key Supplements for Successful Muscle-Building

 fitness-modelsThis is an article written alongside another one in Spanish. Dave liked the idea so much that he asked me to write one in English as well. So let's get started. 

 First of all, as I'm sure you can tell, I'm not a pro bodybuilder and won't be anytime soon, but I am someone who's been lifting for about ten years. I've been lean, I've been fat, but overall I've been happy all along, because I'm always learning something new. In my book you're a bodybuilder if your primary goal in the gym is to build a muscular, symmetrical physique.

 Whether you succeed or not (or at what level you find yourself) that – to me – is pretty immaterial. So, as bodybuilders we should always be open to new training philosophies and regularly do research on the supplements we're taking.


Suplementos Claves: Exito en el Culturismo

fitness-modelsEl culturista - "natural" o no - necesita ciertas cosas básicas para tener un chance de realizar sus metas acerca del deporte del fisicoculturismo. Una de estas cosas es encontrar un gimnasio que tenga pesas, barras, y máquina para el entrenamiento. Incluso, que sea un lugar donde culturismo no sea mal visto y donde el atleta tenga lugar para posar frente al espejo - sin hacer el ridículo. Siguente (y no en orden de importancia) viene la dieta. En un artículo siguente hablaré sobre esto. Hoy día quiero hablar acerca de suplementos/complementos para tener éxito en este deporte. 
El suplemento quizás mas importante para recuperar, regenerar, e incluso ayudar para aumentar masa muscular es la proteina. El mercado esta completamente saturado de productos - algunos que gozan de ambiciosas campañas de publicidad, muchos que son de saben horrible o desconocidos, y pocos que verdaderamente son polvos de alta calidad. 


Eating Healthy in College

thesolution-college-cafeteriaEating Healthy in College

Come late August and early September? You know what that means, school is back in session. Not only is school back in session but also many individuals who are going to college or living on their own need to find a way to take care of their budget instead of living at home and having the luxury of home cooked meals or their parents paying for groceries. This article is mostly geared towards those moving out into their own place, moving to college, or those who need some tips on how to get the best bang for their buck for nutrition while away from their home.



Team GAT's "Adenoflex" Works... Science Says So!




Few post-workout products have been properly investigated in finished commercial form. This study was carried out in order to determine the short term (14 days) effects of Adenoflex® (World Health Products, LLC; Stamford, CT) on hematocrit levels and measures of muscular endurance.


The Egg Files

577971  broken-eggs-with-egg-yolk p (2)The Egg Files

The first thing that comes to mind when athletes think of eggs is mainly that they are a good high quality protein source. But not so very often are vitamins and minerals mentioned. And then there is the cholesterol issue. Is there a possible danger for my health?


Resistance Leads to Growth in Many Ways!

HardworkResistance Leads to Growth in Many Ways!

Resistance is defined as the opposition offered by one thing to another. In bodybuilding, resistance isn’t something we’re supposed to run away from. In fact, embracing resistance is critical to our success. It’s resistance training that makes us who we are. Resistance is our catalyst for change. The physiological adaptation to resistance training is what triggers hypertrophy, and what transforms a former Division-1 point guard with no chance of ever sniffing an NBA roster into a three-time Mr. Olympia. 


Creatine, Mean or Clean To Your System?

053f4a385a238258b8a88da68c772e42Creatine, Mean or Clean To Your System?


Over the past decades, one legal performance product has been standing strong in the streams of coming and going enhancement supplements. Its popularity has really never faded away and it´s used by many athletes – both men and women – in various kinds of sports. However, there is controversy in literature concerning the possible side effects of creatine. 


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