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Nutrition and Training

Stuff I Like: 5-07-09


From the 5/4/09 issue of ESPN: The Magazine's "NFL Insider" column, comes this line:

"Jaguars QB David Garrard ... since enduring 42 sacks, third most in the league, has added more workouts and cut out carbs this off-season. He's now 20 pounds lighter..."

For those who continue to think ketogenic or low-carb diets don't have a role in the athletic world, how much evidence do you need?  Professional football is one of the most violent and taxing sports on the planet, yet NFL players go low-carb.  Nice!


Chlorella: The Forgotten Nutrient!

As athletes we are constantly being bombarded with ads for the ‘latest and greatest' new supplements. It seems that not a month goes by without some new ‘super product' being announced that is guaranteed to boost muscle growth, increase testosterone levels and enhance your energy levels. However, in the midst of all the frenzy, some ‘old school' nutrients slip by completely unnoticed and are given little or no attention as all the focus is placed on the ‘next great thing'. One such nutrient is Chlorella and it deserves your attention for a number of reasons.


Stuff I Like: 4-27-09

Jungle-warfare-newFriday night I enjoyed dinner with a number of large people, including Kevin Tomasini (winner of last year's NPC Excalibur and currently sponsored by Nutrabolics), and Phil Heath.  Demetrius Alecos, promoter of the Fox Valley Bodybuilding and Figure Show, brought us all together on the eve of the event. My purpose in mentioning this isn't to tell you what Phil Heath ate for an off-season dinner meal (spaghetti and meatballs), what Kevin ate (he's too big to see around), or what I had for my weekly re-feed meal one week into a serious ketogenic diet (sun-dried tomato pizza with chicken breast and two glasses of red wine). Rather, I want to suggest that Phil Heath is one of the nicest IFBB bodybuilders to arrive in on the scene in a real long time. He's remarkable with fans, always smiling, personable, treating everyone as if they're special.  Sadly, many pro's are smart enough to be good with the fans.



Stuff I Like: 4-23-09

SHAWN PHILLOPSShawn Phillips was a wonderful guest on Heavy Muscle Radio last week. His stories about the founding days of EAS, the supplement biz of the ‘90s, "Muscle Media 2000" magazine, the personalities involved, and his philosophies of fitness and nutrition were entertaining and answered many questions I've had for years. It was riveting to hear the behind-the-scenes story of the sale of EAS, how the brand became so deeply involved with the NFL, and how EAS operated.





Training Exclusive: Ultimately Biceps!

In bodybuilding, biceps are, without a doubt, the favorite bodypart for most of us to train. They tend to respond well to training for 90% of us, due to their strong neural pathways and above average blood supply, which almost guarantee muscle pumps. Not only do they respond well to training, but there is no other muscle that tends to be showcased by lifters. The wow factor of big, shapely arms cannot be overlooked, whether on the beach, on the bodybuilding stage or straining under a well-tailored suit.


Stuff I Like: 4-15-09

Chain'd-Out-Ad-smI have an assignment for everyone reading this column:  March to your local Vitamin Shoppe store and search the shelves for ALR Industries products. Odds are you'll only find a couple of Author's labels anywhere. The good news is, every Vitamin Shoppe has a corporate account with ALR through their regional buyer; and individual store managers can request specific products. If you form a friendly relationship with the manager, you can ask him or her to request Chain'd Out.




Stuff I Like: 4-08-09

Dr. Scott Connelly on Heavy Muscle Radio two weeks ago:

"The whole food pyramid is completely insane! . What it boils down to, in a nutshell, is that the less carbohydrate you eat the better off you are. "

(It's) "Amazing to me that mainstream medicine refuses to accept this premise. At the end of the day, you will get your ass kicked metabolically if you look at the food pyramid and jump for joy. "


The Art of Eating Big: Part 2- Stimulating Growth!

Following is a four-day a week training program that will pack muscle on the most-stubborn frame - provided you consume the needed protein and calories and get adequate rest. (See part one of this feature: Teenage Weight Gain: The Art of Eating Big). The routines seem basic and uncomplicated but are guaranteed to kick your butt.


The Art of Eating Big: Part 1

As bodybuilding goals go, weight gain leads the pack as the top objective of most teenage and collegiate lifters. At a time in which abdominal six-packs and beach bodies are marketed as the ideal, the fitness and bodybuilding magazines seem to be forgetting that, before we can whittle away bodyfat, we need to fill out our skeletons with a certain level of muscle mass. Otherwise, you'll walk around looking as if your shirt is still on the hanger. The need to "take up as much space as possible" is a natural masculine aspiration. This article will help you pack on those much-needed pounds.


Stuff I Like: 3-30-09

gymboss_r2_c1NewMen's Fitness magazine's February issue has an interesting article about Michael Karolchyk, owner of the Anti-Gym in Denver, Colorado. This particular personal training center specializes in results, at the expense of the dignity of their clients. Karolchyk utilizes his strong personality and a motivation style that combines boot camp and fraternity hazing to push his 400+ gym members to achieve dramatic changes in their fitness and body composition. This sums up his approach nicely:



Stuff I Like: 3-24-09

products_pop_srgNow that the glow from the Arnold Classic weekend is receding, it's time to look ahead to some of the supplement-oriented products I'll be reporting on.


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