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Stuff I Like: 3-24-09

products_pop_srgNow that the glow from the Arnold Classic weekend is receding, it's time to look ahead to some of the supplement-oriented products I'll be reporting on.


Stuff I Like: 03-16-09

Thanks to everyone who kindly spent so much time with me at the Arnold Classic Expo. As always, I was the proverbial "kid in a candy store" for three days. Over the course of the next few columns I'll be presenting some very cool training tools, supplements and other goodies I found. Some of ‘em need to be hammered away at in the gym for a while, though. 


Stuff I Like: 02-27-09

HBlogo_rndResponse to my first product review column has been tremendous. Thanks to those who are writing in with comments, suggestions for future write-ups, and sending products.


Stuff I Like- 02-18-09

This column is going to be chock full of my opinions and rambles about supplements, books, DVDs, training equipment, and anything else remotely connected to our shared passion.  But what are my qualifications, and why are Dave and John putting this up on the site?



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