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Why is Breakfast the Most Important Fat-Burning Meal of the Day?

BreakfastQUESTION:  Does eating a big breakfast really make any difference in getting lean or is that another nutrition myth?

ANSWER:  Hell if I would know!  Ok, I do know. And it's not a myth. It's a true factoid.  It's the most important meal of the day, next to the pre-training meal. Before getting into some of the facts and logic behind eating a large breakfast, let me give you my own personal experience going all the way back to 1988. That year, I was working with a really good local bodybuilder in Springfield Massachusetts. I had him was eating 2400-2600 calories a day and he was pretty damn lean, but not shredded.


Bodybuilder Medicine, Volume 3: Most Common Injuries!

shoulder_impingement_intro0In the last couple articles, we discussed the most prevalent side effects of anabolic steroids that I see in my every day practice.  In this installment, we'll veer into the more common upper body injuries I see from lifting weights.

First, let's cover some basic terminology:

1-Sprain: Overstretching (partial or micro-tearing) of a ligament (connective tissue connecting bone to bone)

2-Strain: Overstretching (partial or micro-tearing) of a muscle or tendon (connective tissue connecting muscle to bone)


Chris Aceto Answers: Is an Excessive Amount of Calories Necessary to Build Muscle?


PEteI have always been told that you must take in more calories than you expend each day to build muscle. Is that really true?



On paper, in a text book that’s true. In reality, there’s more to it than that. Certainly, calories are extremely influential in promoting gains in muscle mass. However, other factors play a role such as protein, fat, and carb intake, meal timing, and hormonal levels.

Many nutritionists will argue that you have to eat more calories than you burn to build additional muscle mass. That idea is limited in that you always have to consider other factors; specifically those listed above. Calories, say from carbohydrates, provide fuel for the muscles to do work


I Think I'm Hooked on Endorush Xtreme Strength!

endorushxtremestrengthOkay, I have to confess that when it comes to ANY kind of energy drink or tablet I'm a total ‘re-hab worthy' addict. I mean if it's on the shelf in Vitamin Shoppe I have probably tried it!

The trouble with a lot of these products though is...they just don't work! I mean we have all read the bottles that pretty much tell us that if we drink the stuff inside we're gonna turn into a rampaging monster at the gym.  The only trouble is that when we actually consume the stuff NOTHING HAPPENS and we have ‘just another workout'.


My First Experience with BPI's 1MR Pre-Workout Powder!

1MRDrinkOne hour prior to going to the gym for my typical late day workout, I tried BPI's 1MR (One More Rep) pre-workout formula for the very first time and, as a result, not only did I have a great workout but my arms are still so intensely pumped that I'm having trouble typing this review.  In the next few paragraphs I'll give you guys a glimpse into my world over the last few hours so that you might get a better idea of what 1MR has done for me and how it's changed my pre-workout supplement regimen forever.




Big Trucks and Little Trucks: What's the Best Kind of Cardio?

CardioLets' cut right to the chase; when it comes to getting lean, cardio is somewhat overrated.  Anyone can sit on a bike for two hours a day and get lean but for the most part, as with training, there's a fine line between doing enough cardio and going overboard and doing too much.

In my book Everything You Need To Know About Fat loss (that was a shameless plug for you to buy it) I explain that cardio is simply a way to burn excess calories.  Pretty straight-forward.  You sit on a bike or run the stairs and you burn calories and, for the most part, the vast majority of those calories come from stored body fat. However, getting lean is not always a perfect math equation where you can sit down and plan out your contest prep based on the number of calories you expect to burn.


Creatine: Energy Currency, Enigma, and Magic Bullet

creatinecellsCapturing the imagination since its inception as a collaborative factor in muscle growth, creatine remains the quintessential hot topic in muscle physiology.  If there were a continuum of sentiment on the ergogenic potential of supplements, creatine would lie favorably at the leading edge.  A large body of work confirms that creatine is indispensable for muscular performance during repeated sets of intense exercise. Of interest, recent studies have provided insight into the versatility of creatine; shifting the paradigm towards satellite cell dynamics.


Bodybuilder Medicine, Volume 2: Side Effects Continued

acneIn the last article we discussed the top three side effects of anabolic steroids that I see among patients.  In this installment, we will continue with the next tier-- the next most common side effects from gear that I encounter in my medical practice.


Bodybuilding Medicine; Volume 1: Top 3 Side Effects

blood-pressure-manually-200X200If you've been lifting weights in any form for any length of time, you have undoubtedly encountered injuries or setbacks.   It's possible that you've been very lucky, or might even possess superhero qualities, but most of us have had to deal with setbacks or injuries at some point.  As a competitive bodybuilder, contest prep coach, and Sports Medicine physician, I see them daily.  My office is next to the gym and lifters make up 75% of my clientele.  I am a primary care physician and non-surgical sports medicine physician.  In the future, we will discuss many of the most common musculoskeletal injuries or biomechanical issues common to bodybuilders, but today I want to address the most common issues I encounter in bodybuilders



protein revolution2If you’re anything like me, you are tired of buying endless pre and post workout supplements, stacking so many things on top of one another that it looks like you’re making a model of the Empire State Building! So
just imagine how pleased I was when forum member Matt Weik (Met-Rx Employee and
Rx Muscle’s Met-Rx Forum Representative) presented me with a sample of the company’s new protein blend ‘PROTEIN REVOLUTION.’

Q&A with Dr Rick Silverman: Botox and Tummy Tucks!

RickSilverman I’ve thought about a tummy tuck since I had my second child, who left me with a C-section scar, a bunch of stretch marks, and a wider mid-line between my rectus muscles, but I was warned as a female bodybuilder that I might not like the results. Why is that?

Women bodybuilders can benefit from tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery, but there are a few considerations that surgeons must be aware of that are less important in many women who have this procedure. A tummy tuck usually does two things. First, it removes extra skin and stretch marks, generally including the skin between the lower abdomen (where you may find a scar from a C-section) and the belly button. To accomplish this, the skin is lifted off of the underlying muscles, exposing the rectus abdominus muscles and their overlying fascia. This allows the skin to be pulled down toward the feet, and the extra can be cut off. A mini-tummy tuck won’t remove as much skin, since it doesn’t usually do anything (or very little) for the area above the belly button.

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