Muscle News #68- Aceto's Angels


RxMuscle’s very own, Chris Aceto, has made a comeback from stage 3 melanoma to the leading contest prep coach in the business. This year, Chris has 2 guys making their Olympia debut, and two guys vying for the 212 Olympia title. I wanted to give you guys a little preview of Team Technician, and let Chris tell you a little bit about each of his guys.

(Pictures were sent to me by Chris. Pictures are from 2 to 3 weeks out.)

Shawn Rhoden: “I see him higher then 6th. I think if you really think he is a Wheeler body then someone with a Wheeler body in tremendous condition with a very effective front double biceps, abs and thigh, and side triceps has to fall a bit higher then 6th. What I know, and what I am surprised about, is this version of Shawn Rhoden beats what showed up 6 weeks ago in Tampa and then Dallas. This guy mentally has it and has put in all the work necessary to be right up there. I am impressed and I am excited to see how it all goes down.”
roden rxmuscelphoto copy 22Jose Raymond: “This is a different Jose. If anyone thinks Jose is showing up at less then his best... Then they have don’t know about the 16 weeks of hardcore monk like preparation. He may be the most dangerous guy in the 212 because he carries the prerequisite mass and his conditioning. And has been super for a couple weeks now and he has a nasty front double. Anything can happen with Jose. He is mentally ready for this show.”

Derik Farnsworth: “He’s been training for 24 years! One of my best bodybuilders based on his commitment to being his best and then achieving his best. Derik has made gains over 3 years that have landed him in this show... where he deserves. I set the bar high for people and I set it high for Derik, but he blew by it 2 years straight. It’s an honor to work with him, Jose, Correa, and Rhoden. Absolutely an honor, because I know I am lucky to be able to work with not only some of the best bodybuilders in the world, but also extremely hard workers. Hard workers always make me look like I’m not dumb!”
photo copy
Eduardo Correa: “The hardest guy around. Already beaten Flex Lewis the one time they met. He’ll be better then ever and he is Dr. Cool. Eduardo never worries, never stresses, just approaches show to be his best. That’s one big reason he nails it time and time again.”

eduardo rxmuscleChris’ track record this year has been remarkable, and I can’t think of anyone he’s worked with this year that hasn’t come in at their best. Assuming that streak continues through this big Olympia weekend, Chris has a shot at helping his first athlete DSCN7321since Jay Cutler win the biggest title in bodybuilding!

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