Muscle News #64- The Futrue Of Men's Physique Division?

mark1At almost every National level show I have been to this year, I hear someone say that the Men’s Physique Division is taking over the men’s side of the sport. If you are a numbers guy, then this sentiment makes sense. Since the division’s inception local and national level shows regularly have several times more MPD competitor than bodybuilders. The main difference I have seen to prove that bodybuilding is still safe is the lack of money in the MPD. Smaller prize money, less contracts, and the contracts that are out there are FAR less lucrative. Till now.

mark3Anyone who follows the MPD has heard of Mark “Flex” Anthony. Some say he is destined to be the first MPD Mr. Olympia, but even if you don’t know the name, I bet you have seen pictures of Mark, with his cornrows, wearing an Alpha Helix t-shirt.

logoWell, you won't seeing him wearing that Alhpha Helix t-shirt anymore. As of tonight Mark signed a two year sponsorship deal with Allmax Nutrition. This contact is significant not only for Mark, but it’s a sign of the times for the MPD, as it has been rumored that this deal is BODYBUILDER-type money. I’m not saying he’s making Jay Cutler money, but if Mark is getting what any Olympia level bodybuilder is getting, that means something.

Considering this is only the first year for the IFBB Pro MPD, is it possible that next year contracts like Mark’s will be common place? In five years will the rare six-figure contracts be going to MPD guys? Time will tell…. Until then, congratulations, Mark!


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Olympia Tix IG 03Mar 01


Olympia Tix IG 03Mar 01